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London: In the season of Advent and in the run up to Christmas, the Catholic Action Group (C.A.G.) in response to the growing number of proven sexual abuse charges being landed against clergy under the control of the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church in the United Kingdom and abroad wishes to offer its prayers to the victims of this abuse and also its heartfelt apology from its lay membership for the actions of some of its own unaccountable clergy and Hierarchy whom C.A.G acknowledges have in the past objectively and seriously let down and undermined the one true faith over the past number of decades on this and other doctrinal issues.

C.A.G. wishes to remind people that just because some Catholics behave in such an abhorrent manner by their sinful actions in scandalising the young, this in no way changes the fact that the Church established by Jesus Christ, does teach truth, forbids child sexual abuse as a crime that screams to heaven for vengence, but simply just like Judas, some members do not live up to this truth and are ultimately like us all, accountable to Christ for their actions.

C.A.G would also like to point out , whilst every incident of child sexual abuse is wicked, that it is not just in the Catholic Church where this type of abuse occurs, but in many other environments where contact with children can be established. This is very much underplayed by the media. Statistics from the United States indicate that the Catholic Church is no better or worse for this type of crime than many other similar institutions.

John Gunn – C.A.G’s National Coordinator - stated “We are living in an age where our own trusted Hierarchy is now paying the price for not having had the courage of being Good Shepherds in protecting the innocents. This institutional cover up on the sexual abuse of children is now also turning into a spiritual abuse as the very same Hierarchy are also neglecting to teach these children the full faith by word and by deed.

Robert Williams – C.A.G’s Secretary stated - “It is extremely sad that many will use these scandals to justify their refusal to follow what the Church actually teaches. Many faithful do live up to these teachings around the world. We implore the Catholic faithful to actually read the Catechism of the Catholic Church (The norm for what the Catholic Church teaches), easily available from good bookstores, websites etc and ignore as necessary the scandal givers, the wolves, which Christ has stated he will exact just punishment on should they not repent.”

C.A.G - is an independent Catholic organisation. It has been established to defend Catholic Truth nationally in the United Kingdom through action both inside and outside of the Church. Membership is open to all mainstream orthodox Catholics who are fully obedient to the teaching Magisterium with the Pope at its head and ALL Bishops obedient to the Pope.

Most recently it has campaigned against the UK Bishops issuing doctrinal error, and against Joint Religious Education schools, issued a UK Voters Guide for Catholics and has also supported and promoted Catholic boycotts of CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) for its controversial Hiv/Aids - ABC (Abstain, Be Faithful, Use a Condom) policy and also Comic Relief for its funding of Pro-Abortion organisations.


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