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Pre-Departure Boosters

Before you go try boosting your immune system to ensure that when you relax, your body can relax too without laying itself open to infections that may ruin your holiday. EchinaBoost is a licensed herbal remedy that contains Echinacea and liquorice. Research published in Phytomedicine demonstrates that the combination of liquorice and Echinacea in EchinaBoost work in synergy to produce a higher immune boosting effect than Echinacea used as a single herb. This research has been confirmed in 2006 in a further study that also shows that Echinacea purpurea and liquorice together result in enhanced stimulation of the immune system. It costs £5.99 for 80 tablets from Boots.

Airplane Bugs

Avoid airplane bugs by taking MedicHerb Pelargonium (£8.99 for 30 tablets from Boots) to help prevent sore throats and coughs that are commonly picked up from airplane air conditioning systems and stop them developing into chest infections. Research shows that Pelargonium can be effective in relieving sore throats and other common respiratory infections such as bronchitis and tonsillitis. Take 1 tablet 3 times daily before, during and after travelling.

Fear of Flying

The herbs lemon balm and valerian have been shown to relieve stress and anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety when travelling, try Valerina Day-Time which is a tried and tested herbal remedy combining both lemon balm and valerian in easy-to-swallow tablets. Research conducted by Northumbria University has shown that acute treatment with a combination of Valerian and lemon balm can improve mood and anxiety thus reducing stress levels and promoting calm. £5.99 for 80 tablets from Boots or mail order 01453 751395.


Holiday Hangovers - Sangria Support

With the sun beating down on you, the last thing you need is a thumping hangover as last nights alcohol wends its way from your body. A daily supplement of Boots Milk Thistle may help by supporting your liver helping it to effectively remove toxins such as alcohol from the body. £6.99 for 30 300mg tablets.

Medical Know-How - Don’t Leave Home Without…

If you have a medical condition that might affect the way in which medics treat you in a medical emergency, Paramedicall is a must to carry with your travel documents. This neat credit card carries your unique ID number to log into where you can input your medical history ready for medics to access in an emergency ensuring that you receive appropriate medical assistance immediately. A fantastic product for peace of mind whilst abroad especially for diabetics, epileptics, heart patients, people with dangerous allergies. Paramedicall costs £17.50 per person per annum with two or more children half price.

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Summer Slumber - Jet Lag

If you’re crossing time zones and don’t want to lose valuable sight-seeing time through jet lag - Valerina Night-Time is a licensed herbal remedy containing valerian, lemon balm and hops to promote natural sleep. It may also help you cope with jet lag, or insomnia due to hot summer nights. £5.99 for 80 tablets from Boots, Holland & Barrett and Superdrug

Hot Nights Get Even Hotter for Some…

If you are menopausal you may suffer from hot flushes and night sweats from time-to-time making the summer heat even more unbearable. MedicHerb Sage Leaf is a daily herbal supplement for menopausal women who suffer night sweats leading to sleep disturbance exacerbated by hot summer nights. £7.99 for 30 one-a-day capsules from Boots or mail order on 01453 751395.

Sweet Summer Slumbers

Whether you’re on a long haul flight or find it hard to settle to sleep in your holiday home surroundings, GlotoSleep can help. This featherweight, breathable eye mask blocks out all light so you can focus on its four luminous blue ‘Points Of Glo.’ These points are simply activated by turning the inside of the mask to bright light (such as a bedside lamp) for one minute. Then you slip the mask over your eyes. As you gaze up at the ‘Points of Glo’ you’ll experience a powerful mind clearing effect – similar to going into a meditative state. Looking up like this also stimulates the pineal gland where the sleep inducing hormone melatonin is produced.

So soon you are relaxed enough to simply GlotoSleep™. £39 at or on 01206 369242

Summer Sex - Don’t Go for the Burn!

Holidays can be an opportunity to catch up on some serious sex with your partner, or a holiday romance. However, cystitis can be caused by vigorous sex but you can pack herbal help with Uvacin tablets which contain a soothing combination of peppermint, natural antiseptic bearberry and mildly diuretic dandelion. £5.99 for 80 tablets from Boots or mail order on 01453 751395

Beat Bikini Bloat

If you suffer from water retention around your period you may feel self conscious donning your bikini for the beach, especially if your tummy feels bloated. Aqualette is a licensed herbal remedy for the relief of water retention associated with PMS and contains dandelion and horsetail to promote normal water balance. £5.99 for 80 tablets from Boots or

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