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PRESS RELEASE from Sixtyplusurfers

Over 60s Lifestyle Survey - The Over Sixties Enjoy Spending Time With their Families:

The latest research from Sixtyplusurfers the leading website for the over sixties reveals that older people get most enjoyment in life from being with their families, children and grandchildren. Other hobbies and pastimes such as walking in the country, holidays, computers and friends fall way down on the list.

The recent on-line survey was carried out by Sixtyplusurfers as part of the regular Your Views page at . Readers were asked a series of topical questions and given a chance to voice their opinions and concerns.

When readers of Sixtyplusurfers were asked ‘What do you get the most enjoyment from in life?’ - 37% of readers answered `my family`, 18% told us `my grandchildren`, and 17% said `my children`. Only 9% said `walking in the country`, 6% said `holidays`, 6% said `the computer/internet` and just 5% said `my friends`.

Although most of the responses were focused on the family, these are just some of the interesting comments that were made:

* Seeing my children grow up

* Being with my grandchildren

* My computer

* Music

* Films and TV

* Family, church, pets, photography and work!

* Competitions

* Seeing my husband playing with our grandchildren

* Holidays

* Eating out

* Keeping Fit

* Sightseeing

* Walking in the countryside

* My Harley Davidson

* `My work. I am an activity Co-ordinator in a care setting in Oxfordshire. Everyday, I go to work and play (in the loosest meaning).

I cheer everyone up, we laugh, sing, do lots of different activities, and everyone smiles at least twenty times while I am on duty. (It is compulsory)`.

The second question we asked our readers was ‘What problems concern you the most in life?’ The top answer was money with 35% of respondents listing this as their primary concern. My health came a close second with 34% of respondents listing this as an important concern. Crime and violence came surprisingly lower at 14%. And this was followed by other issues such as global warming and the environment at 6%, my children and their future at 5%, and falling moral standards of the younger generation at just 5% of respondents.

Some very interesting concerns were raised by our readers. These are a selection:

* Money

* Violence on the streets

* My health

* Children

* Environmental issues

* Politicians

* The rat race now that life seems to be these days. The heavy traffic and general speed of it all. But worst of all, the fumes coming out of exhausts.

* Global warming

* Terrorism

* The way Britain is changing for the worse

* Getting old

* Unable to give up work

* Rising Crime, inadequate sentencing of criminals, too many vehicles on the roads causing too much pollution.

* `Failing health - I wish we could be like a car and just pop in for a refit of various bits and bobs .... so far, touch wood we're not too bad`.

The third question we asked our readers was ‘Are you able to manage comfortably on your wages or pension? More than half [51%] responded they had problems managing, and this figure was split between 28% of readers who replied that they were “Just about able to manage”, and 23% who replied told us “No, I cannot manage”.
However, 49% of our readers told us “Yes” they are able to manage comfortably on their wages or pension.

The comments to this question revealed more about those who are struggling - here are some of their comments:

* Only just

* Not comfortably

* Most definitely

* Yes, if I take things steady

* `No - it's a struggle week after week`

* `Just about. Oh to win the lottery!`

* `Reasonably, but I have to top up from savings each year`.

* `Fortunately we saved when we were abroad working on contract. We manage and we're comfortable, but we don't have the habit of spending`.

* `No. The pension they have dropped so low it's ridiculous and I'm a carer for my daughter 24 hours a day. They stopped my carers allowance so I get nothing for caring. I couldn't work much because I was a carer and so they pay me a very low pension.`

Lastly we asked readers ‘Do you feel safe where you live?’. The good news is that 71% said “Yes” they do feel safe and only 29% said “No”.

The comments were mainly positive but a few raised concerns. Here are a few replies:

* `Not during the hours of darkness`

* `Verwood is one of the safest places in the country, or so the local
police would have us believe. They do a good job and I have no qualm
about walking in the village at night.`

* `Yes in my own area but not in the city at night`

* `There's quite a bit of vandalism and the police don't even bother coming out, they were branded the worst police force in the country. But it's not such a bad place apart from that`.

* `Yes, we live in a quiet village very different from our last home in Kingston, Jamaica, where there was at least one killing every night.`

* `Yes. It's like England in the 70's here in Queensland. (Australia)`.

Murray Jacobs, Editor of Sixtyplusurfers commented: “We are interested and delighted to learn from our survey that most of our readers are very upbeat about their lives and what they get pleasure from.

“However it is rather sad that such a high proportion of our readers do seem to be struggling to manage on their finances.

”It is reassuring to hear that most older people do feel safe where they live, although some do feel concerned about going out in the evening and vandalism is also an issue with some readers.”

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