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Guide to managing menopausal symptoms offers a vital alternative to over 1million British women currently on HRT

Shocking research published yesterday attributes over 1,000 deaths of women in the UK since 1991 to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Furthermore, it states that a woman’s risk of developing and dying from ovarian cancer, the fourth most common cancer in women in the UK, is increased by 20% by using HRT.

The menopause is something all women share and for many it can be a difficult and uncomfortable time regardless of worries over the safety of treatment offered to them by their doctor. Today’s findings are undoubtedly a real cause for concern and will result in many of the 1million women estimated to be currently on HRT searching for an alternative approach to reducing and managing menopausal symptoms. Unfortunately, many doctors are not as yet fully educated in alternative treatments available today and so women can feel left in the dark.

But there is an alternative and for all women help is now at hand in the form of a new convenient guide. Today, Estroven, the supplement for a woman’s well-being before, during and after the menopause, launches ‘I’m Not Mad, I’m Menopausal’ – an easy-to-follow leaflet full of natural and effective ways to help reduce and manage menopausal symptoms written in association with respected media doctor, Dr Dawn Harper.

‘I’m Not Mad, I’m Menopausal’ sheds light on some proven alternative, natural approaches to living with the menopause. It has been designed to be of practical use whether you are going through this change of life yourself – or think you might be – or whether you’re a friend, partner or close family member of someone who is menopausal. Reassuringly, Oxford University’s research also stated that a woman’s risk of developing ovarian cancer returned to normal within a few years of stopping HRT shows it is never too late to choose an alternative solution to managing the menopause.

For more information about treating the symptoms of menopause naturally, for Estroven product information or for FREE copies of ‘I’m Not Mad, I’m Menopausal’ for you, your friends or family, please contact Wassen on: 01372 379828 email: or download a copy of ‘I’m Not Mad, I’m Menopausal’ directly from www.wassen.con


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The Research

The findings come from a study of 948,576 post-menopausal women, or a quarter of all women aged 50-64 in the country. Largely funded by Cancer Research UK, it was conducted by researchers from Oxford University and is the largest ever examination of HRT and cancer to date. One of the key findings of the research was that the combined risk of HRT users contracting cancer of the breast, ovaries or womb lining rises by 63% compared to non-users.


Estroven is a one-a-day caplet that combines isoflavones (from Japanese Arrowroot and Soya) with 7 vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, E and folic acid) and the minerals calcium and selenium which are particularly important for women before, during and after the menopause.

Key Points and Benefits

• Estroven contains isoflavones, plant compounds with similar chemical structure to oestrogen and therefore with similar physiological effects. Our diets don’t contain enough isoflavones compared to Asian cultures, where menopause symptoms are unknown

• It provides a combination of nutrients that are required to maintain well being during a time when hormonal changes take place
• Estroven can be taken independently or alongside HRT

• It provides a considerable amount of isoflavones in one tablet for convenience

• Convenient one-a-day formula
Estroven guarantees to provide 55 mg of isoflavones in each one-a-day caplet. Priced at around £14.99 for 30 capsules, Estroven is available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Holland & Barrett, pharmacies and health food stores.

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