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"Thin Secrets - how to be slim without dieting"
Author: Lizzie Kingsley PhD
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Have you ever noticed how other people stay slim without effort? Well, you're not alone - 95% of us believe that some people are just 'naturally' thinner than others. How is it that they seem to eat whatever they please and do no exercise yet still stay slim? Have they been blessed with 'good genes', or is it something else that sets them apart? Dr Lizzie Kingsley investigated the ‘naturally slim’ myth and, in Thin Secrets: How to be slim without dieting, she reveals how to become slim for life by adopting slim people's habits. And the best bit? No more dieting. Ever!

The Thin Secrets are what everyone should know, regardless of whether they are trying to lose weight or want to maintain a slim figure. Many slim people are unaware of what it is that keeps them a healthy weight and put it down to luck. Others manage to stay slim but don't understand why it is so hard - they do not know the secrets. More importantly though, if you would like to lose weight and have not had much success with dieting, give Thin Secrets a go. A change of approach will be all you need to start achieving your weight loss goals.

Dr Lizzie Kingsley’s Five Tips To Help Kick Start Healthy Weight-loss

1. It can be tough to change eating habits so work on changing your shopping habits instead as the food you buy is the food you’ll eat later on. Get slim-focused before you hit the supermarket and it’ll be easier to stay on track for the rest of the week.

2. The key to easy weight loss is to think small as the little things all add up. Just switching a daily can of cola for diet-cola, could add up to losing a stone in a year. Changing a few small habits is simple and adds up to a big weight difference over time.

3. Set goals that are lifestyle related not weight related. Permanent lifestyle changes cause permanent weight changes so focus on changing those weight-gaining habits and the scales will change in response.

4. Take a close look at all your food decisions – eating because you’re hungry is fine, eating just because you’re at the cinema and it’s what you usually do is not so fine. Be honest and ask yourself “Am I just eating for the sake of it?”

5. If you succumb to temptation or unintentionally over-indulge, don’t feel guilty or dwell on it but work out why it happened to avoid it in the future. Remember that the odd treat is part of a balanced lifestyle so when you do choose to indulge make sure you really enjoy it!

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