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Power consumption is reduced by over two thirds; data warehouse footprint drops from 26 cabinets to nine

Bracknell, Berkshire, 24 April, 2007—Netezza Corporation, a leading provider of data warehouse appliances, today announced that mobile phone service provider Orange UK has reduced the power consumption of its data warehouse by 72% by moving its enterprise platform to Netezza. Additionally, while the volume of information stored in Orange’s data centre has continued to grow, the conversion to Netezza has resulted in a significant decrease in the Company’s data warehouse footprint as compared to its previous environment, with cabinet spaces decreasing from 26 to nine. The mobile phone and broadband giant realised these savings after installing its first Netezza Performance Server® (NPS®) data warehouse appliance over four years ago.

Prior to implementing Netezza, physical floor space and warehouse performance had started to hinder Orange’s Business Intelligence processes. Mike Wheeler, Senior Data Centre Engineer at Orange explains, “Space and power are always at a premium within our data centres. The NPS solution saved large amounts of both whilst providing increased performance. The speed and ease of deployment was an added bonus.”

With its previous 1.5 TB data warehouse configuration, Orange was consuming almost 25,000 Watts (W) and 85,000 British Thermal Units (BTU) per hour. Following the implementation of a 3 TB Netezza data warehouse appliance, the Company’s power consumption dropped to 7,000 W and 24,000 BTU per hour. The data warehouse at Orange is now almost three times more power efficient and uses approximately one third of the Watts it used to. It has also reduced its cooling requirements by around 72% - in both BTU and Watts.

Dave Kloc, General Manager for Netezza in Europe explains, “The cost savings made through energy efficiency are appealing, but the real issue here is that organisations are simply finding it unfeasible to increase the performance of their data centre, because they can’t accommodate the accompanying power and cooling. Net data centre floor space is increasing at 5% to 10% a year1, and for many companies, building new facilities will be expensive and is not core to their business. CIOs are realising that the infrastructure used to accommodate IT growth is becoming a bottleneck. So, our systems architecturally integrate server, storage and database into a single appliance, and place the processing horsepower right by the disk drive, which dramatically reduces power demands.”

Unlike Netezza, other data warehouse options are utilising dual-core processors, blade servers and rack optimisation, causing density to increase 15% annually. The result is a significant increase in power consumption and cooling requirements in data centres - a problem that is set to get bigger: According to Gartner, “Most data centers will struggle to accommodate the growth, as well as the power and cooling requirements, of new high-density servers, which will result in an inability to meet growing business needs.”2

¹A Message from Data Center Managers to CIOs: Floor Space, Power and Cooling Will Limit Our Growth – Gartner, August, 2006, Rakesh Kumar.

About Netezza

Netezza is a leading provider of data warehouse appliances. The Netezza Performance Server data warehouse appliance integrates database, server and storage platforms in a purpose-built system to perform detailed queries and analyses on large volumes of stored data. Recognizing the limitations of traditional data warehouse solutions, Netezza designed its NPS family of data warehouse appliances specifically for analysis of terabytes of data 10-100 times faster than traditional solutions, with a lower total cost of ownership and greater ease of use. Based in Framingham, Mass., Netezza has offices in Washington, DC, the United Kingdom and Asia Pacific.

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