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First true remote management solution for encrypted backup tapes and optical discs

24th April 2007 –Infosecurity Europe, London – DISUK today launches iSecure smart card management for its Paranoia2 and SafeTape in-line encryption devices that keep vital backup data secure and compliant with standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Security managers can now remotely manage units at unmanned disaster recovery data centres and restore encryption keys for backup data without having to go to the site.

Operations staff may be given appropriate levels of access authority at each site in order to restore data quickly should a disaster happen.

Designed to fit the distinct roles of security and operations in the day-to-day management of encrypted backup data, iSecure offers key generation, management and entry; selection of encryption modes; selection of secure and non-secure modes; engineering functions and full audit logging and reporting.

DISUK’s in-line encryption uses a unique user encryption key and also a unique hardware encryption key on the processor, so that even if someone attempted to read a tape on another unit, it will be unreadable.

However, for disaster recovery scenarios, where another unit is kept at your DR supplier’s site or unmanned secondary data centre, a spare chip is provided and iSecure will allow managers to re-enter the keys over a secure link in order to read the data, negating the need to ship keys.

“More organisations are looking to secure data at rest using encryption. The management and control of this environment will become ever more important. The use of smart card technology has become increasingly acceptable within the organisation looking to secure, control and protect identities,” said Glenn Robinson, Director of QUATTRO Consulting Limited, a technical service provider to the IBM System i marketplace.

The iSecure product includes security management for creating, tailoring and deletion of smart cards and an operations management package for control and remote monitoring of DISUK’s Paranoia2 and SafeTape in-line encryption via the smart card system. Keys, encryption methodology and passwords generated by security department are loaded on to Paranoia2 or SafeTape unit via a set of smart card keys, at no time is the information visible to operations staff. Each user can only access functions according to their job role for example if they are an operator, the only information they may see is the status of the unit.

“Smart cards allow you to deliver department/ job role separation. One half of the equation is security, compliance and audit departments and the other half is operations. We have designed iSecure with ease of use and simplicity of management in mind. Key management stays with security and compliance while operations are given access to varying levels of functionality based on their authority,” said Rob Gretton, Business Development Director for DISUK. “Our key cards do not live inside the box so allow for remote management, and this separation of roles lends itself to business continuity and DR third party partner scenarios. A DR partner can have a unit and support the DR strategy, while the keys and their management remain within the organisation.”


Editor’s notes:

About iSecure

Smart cards are configured to allow staff to carry out functions with differing levels of authority and can be site specific or cover the business. Standard access levels for operator, backup operator, security officer, full administrator, auditor and engineer.

Operations management database is automatically updated as users use their cards, or as cards are superseded and voided. Cards are activated by insert and pin code (smart chip and pin) and the data on the cards is encrypted. Each card has a unique pin code assigned to the individual user and all changes are recorded into the audit logs.

iSecure pricing starts from £1000 for the starter kit, which includes hardware, software and 10 smart cards.

Available through resellers and DISUK from 1st May 2007

Sales contact information:

T: 01327 856070

DISUK is exhibiting at Infosecurity Europe 2007, Olympia, London, stand C214

Media contacts
Hannah Knowles
Omarketing Limited (for DISUK)
T: +44 (0)20 8255 5225

About Paranoia2 TM

Paranoia2 TM is external ‘on the fly’ encryption, sitting between the data path and tape or optical disc storage device. It’s transparent to the operating system and built in pre-compression ensures encryption doesn’t result in performance degradation.
Available in an external encryption device, Paranoia uses strong encryption protocol 3DES2 to protect data. Encrypted tapes and optical disc can only read by another Paranoia unit with the correct user and hardware key.

About SafeTape TM

SafeTape TM is a secure backup tape subsystem with built in encryption. It’s simple
to install and supports SCSI, Fibre Channel and iSCSI interfaces, is compatible with
all major backup software, and available with either, LTO, AIT or SDLT tape drives.

“Powered by Paranoia”

SafeTape products utilise the latest generation of encryption engines from the
Paranoia family and are fully compatible with the Paranoia2 product range which has
been in use throughout Europe and North America since 1997.

About DISUK Limited

DISUK Limited is a British company specialising in design and manufacture of data storage encryption systems for corporate, finance, government and military customers.

Founded in 2004, it is the only privately funded independent provider of data storage encryption. DISUK’s headquarters are in Silverstone, the home of British motor racing and it supports global sales through a network of established data storage and security distributors.

For more information about DISUK and its encryption products, please visit

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