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Please find following case studies available regarding children who have benefited from osteopathic treatment.

Jessica (born 21/07/06) – ‘before and after’ photographs available

Jessica lives in Sheffield and was diagnosed with Congenital Ptosis of her left eye when she was three months old, which not only caused a squint but her parents were told that the only available treatment for the condition was surgery.

Anxious to find an alternative, Jessica’s mother Antonia turned to an osteopath who had treated her for migraine pain when she was a teenager. The osteopath first saw Jessica in January this year and subsequently saw her again in March.

The change in Jessica’s condition is phenomenal. The squint has gone and her parents are incredibly grateful to the osteopath – not just for the physical improvement but also the help they received in explanations about the condition, and, ultimately, the prevention of surgery.

Jessica’s mother is available for interview. She says, 'I’m hoping that by talking about this other parents can know that osteopathy can help as an alternative to surgery for this condition.’

Joe (Aged 12)

Joe lives in Dunstable, Bedfordshire and was diagnosed with semantic pragmatic disorder which is considered to be on the autistic spectrum - a so called "high functioning" form of autism.

With the help of osteopathy (and ayurveda) he has really overcome the difficulties associated with semantic pragmatic disorder and is now emerging as a great musical talent

Joe is very happy to be the subject of a feature article - in fact he is very, very keen as he loves attention!
Joe’s mother is also available for interview

Lucy (Aged 11)

Lucy lives near Oxford and hadn’t been able to sleep properly for 11 years. She was a very stressed, bad tempered (especially first thing) child who got an average of 6.5 hours sleep per night. It was possible that it stemmed from her having bad colic when she was a baby.

Her parents, in desperation for Lucy’s health turned to osteopathy for help. Following one treatment Lucy has since slept from 9pm until 7am each night. She now sees her osteopath every time she has a growth spurt to help her body align itself correctly.

Joe (aged 7 months)

Joe lives near Banbury Cross and was diagnosed with Plagiocephaly (a head shape deformity). He was born six weeks premature following his mother’s water’s breaking at 33 weeks. His head was extremely distorted at birth; the left-hand side of his head was very flat and the ear on his right-side was like a disc. He also had major problems with feeding, wind and colic.

The hospital told his parents that it was due to him being a premature baby and dismissed them.

His mother turned to her osteopath when Joe was three months old and even after a few treatments she began to see a big difference.
Joe was sleeping a lot better, he no longer suffered from trapped wind, and was feeding a lot better.

Joe now looks like a normal baby and he sees his osteopath once every three to four weeks (he has had seven osteopathic treatments to date)

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