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New update Gives clarity to Windows Networking, VoIP and Http all in a single solution -

London, 25th April, 2007, — Itheon Networks, the Networked Application Performance Lifecycle™ specialists, announced today that it is releasing a major new update to its Portable Network Consultant (PNC) which allows companies to monitor the response times of applications running over their network and diagnoses issues when performance becomes unacceptable.

The PNC delivers information regarding application response times, transfer rates, bandwidth usage, etc, from a high level ‘satellite’ perspective rather than in the microscopic detail typically delivered by conventional network protocol analyzers or “sniffers”. The benefit of this approach is the ability to enable rapid, real-time determination of the causes of poor performance.

This new release (Version 6.0) of PNC can show what’s going on in Windows Networking – this unique feature looks at what happens when users log-on or access files on a Windows network. Up to now when problems have occurred in this area, they have been very difficult to pinpoint. When coupled with the new VoIP and HTTP response time monitoring modules, this makes the PNC a very powerful, one-stop solution for identifying networked application performance issues.

When first launched, PNC was a Layer Three monitoring product – providing generic response time and usage data of any TCP/IP application, but now it supplies more detailed application-specific information that can makes it a lot easier to understand precisely what’s going on with a particular application or file. Unlike the high volume of data collected by sniffers, PNC’s strength lies in the rapid collation of meaningful performance analysis data in real-time.

“Now, with our latest release of the Itheon Portable Network Consultant, network managers and system administrators will have a greater clarity of what’s actually happening to applications utilising Windows Networking protocols” explains Frank Puranik, Product Manager, Itheon Networks. “Combine this with a detailed analysis of VoIP and HTTP and you have a single networked application performance troubleshooting tool at a very affordable price.”

New PNC Features:

Windows Networking - When a user accesses the Windows Network there are times when log-on is slow, performance is poor or it simply does not allow access at all. With PNC diagnosing Microsoft network problems and exposing the issues that can affect performance, it makes it easy to ascertain what’s going on.

PNC captures:

• Which servers were used to log on
• The log on times
• What files have been opened
• How long it took to open the file
• How many bytes was transferred – how big
• What file was opened
• Who opened the file
• How many times a particular file is requested
• What the file type is i.e. .docs, .exe, .PDF, etc

PNC also allows for housekeeping such as:

• Re-organizing files that are frequently used
• Understanding if a file server is under pressure and whether balancing the load by moving applications to another server will alleviate the problem.

VoIP – The PNC module for VoIP will allow an organization to have more relevant information on not only the status of the call but also show:

• Phone numbers visibility - who is calling who, telephone numbers etc.
• How long it took to set-up the call and if the call wasn’t set up properly then why?
• What happened during the call
• Report on long calls, time, amount of data sent, jitter, loss
• Top callers etc

HTTP - Using the PNC module for HTTP it is possible to:

• Monitor each ‘get’ request to track the times it took to download each page or graphic image
• Enable the website manager to figure out why something is going slow
• Monitor all this over time – allowing trend analysis,
• Determine, if a user says they got a poor experience, why?
• Optimize response times on certain important pages etc.
• Monitor background traffic to determine its impact on the http

Itheon Products:

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Itheon Networks’ Emulator (INE) family of products recreate a wide variety of network characteristics (e.g. bandwidth, latency, jitter, packet drops etc) to enable you to develop and test applications.

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Itheon Networks’ Application Performance Monitoring products enable you to identify, in real time, the causes of apparently poor applications and network performance.

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