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Exam season is upon us. Across the country, students face GCSEs, A-Levels, vocational course exams and University finals. Their brains, emotions and entire bodies are under extra stress to perform at their best. And their immune systems are under threat from the anxiety that inevitably accompanies exam preparation and sitting.

Help is at hand however from VitalMax. This natural supplement has exceptional therapeutic properties and is especially valuable for students thanks to its proven ability to improve mental acuity, enhance both concentration and memory as well as alleviate anxiety.

Stimulating – but not a stimulant

VitalMax naturally supports both the brain and body at this demanding time by providing complete neuro-somatic nourishment in a form readily assimilated by the body. It stimulates the body’s natural defences and emotions to be more positive but is NOT a stimulant in the same way as caffeine or nicotine for example that can throw the body and mind out of kilter and become addictive in the process.

What Is VitalMax?

VitalMax is a combination of organic Klamath blue-green Microalgae, PhycoPlus® (an exclusive concentrated extract of phycocyanins and phenylethlyamine from Klamath Microalgae) and VegiMineral-77® - so called because it provides at least 77 types of minerals and oligoelements derived from plant fossils from the Utah desert.

VitalMax is totally derived from organic plant sources which means its nutrients are easily absorbed by the body - unlike many synthetic multi-nutrient mixtures that the body may not recognise or assimilate easily.

Key VitalMax Ingredients

Klamath Algae

Klamath Microalgae is a true ‘superfood’, supplying the full range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements the body needs for healthy functioning. It is also the only known food source to contain 20 amino acids and is one of the richest vegetable sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids in the 2:1 ratio considered optimal for the body. It is also rich in antioxidants with the highest content of beta-carotene of all known foods and also has substantial amounts of chlorophyll that helps detoxify the body.


Derived from Klamath algae, PhycoPlus® is an exclusive concentrate of
Phycocyanins and Phenylethylamine.
Phycocyanins are very powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules which are concentrated to a level of 50% in PhycoPlus®. These molecules have been shown to confer exceptional health promoting properties.
Phenylethylamine (PEA) is an amino acid that is naturally produced by the brain during states of euphoria and joy. It directly contributes to increasing the quantity of freely circulating dopamine in the brain, hence, its ability to alleviate depression, stabilize mood and improve mental acuity. PEA is successfully being used to treat learning disorders, depression and Alzheimers disease.

How to take VitalMax

Take three to four capsules a day at regular intervals (two with each main meal is ideal).

Where can I buy VitalMax?

You can find VitalMax at 60 capsules cost £17.50.

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