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London, 1 May 2007. Search technology company,, announced the launch of TrailRank™ today, their new Trail
Intersection technology which harnesses the communal searching behaviour of users searching on 4,000+ online engines.

London based is the first search engine to interoperate with thousands of online databases to remember and share individual search trails. A search trail is the click path a searcher makes after entering a search into a search engine and
browsing the web for a solution.

Trexy’s CEO and Inventor, Nigel Hamilton said: “People spend a lot of time searching the web but even more time browsing it. Wouldn’t it be good if we could pinpoint the optimal page that searchers actually visit to find their answer?”

“The navigational decisions searchers make whilst browsing the web are an integral part of Trexy's TrailRank technology. Whilst other engines focus on the information itself, Trexy focuses on the interaction between users and the information,” Nigel Hamilton said.

Trexy's TrailRank technology analyses all the trails in the Trexy database, and calculates the optimal intersection points to share with the user. The more times search trails with the same keyword intersect, the higher its relevance in the Trexy search results.

“TrailRank represents a fundamental shift from Google’s PageRank. Instead of determining the authority of the publisher’s site by its number of link backs, Trexy determines authority by the behaviour of searchers and where their search paths cross. Ultimately, it is the user who decides the relevancy of a web page,” Nigel Hamilton said.

Since launching last year, trailblazers from over 35 countries have contributed to the growing database of 900,000+ search trails. Trexy shows which engines people are using to search the web and the trails they create whilst browsing.

“Harnessing this communal searching behaviour means we can improve relevancy and help users to save time and effort by
following in the footsteps of other searchers,” Nigel Hamilton said.

Users can blaze search trails by downloading the Trexy TrailBar™ ( Trexy is free to use.

Former Computer Science lecturer, Nigel Hamilton, will speak at Internet World on Wednesday at 12.00 p.m. in the
Web 2.0 Theatre on "Search Trails – Back to the Future."


London based is a unique search technology that allows users to remember and share their searches and the web pages they visit by creating search trails. Search trails are the pathways users create while searching on 4,000+ engines. is inspired by scientist and visionary, Dr. Vannevar Bush, who in the 1940's shared his vision of creating a collective memory by recording peoples' trails through information. Bush dreamt of a device called a "Memex" - an enhanced supplement to personal and community memory created by trailblazers: "those who find delight in the task of establishing useful trails through the enormous mass of the common record." Free to use, Trexy's toolbar called the TrailBar, works with Firefox and
Internet Explorer browsers.

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For further information contact:
Megan Hamilton, Director
Tel: +44 (0)20 7232 1733
Fax: +44 (0)20 7232 4867

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