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Mobile users can make Skype calls anytime, anywhere with existing handsets

- Slash mobile phone costs by up to 75% on international calling
- Make and receive internet calls with your mobile phone – anywhere
- Avoid roaming charges when travelling abroad using existing mobile handsets

IP Drum today launches IP Voicelink a palm-sized gateway that enables users to connect to the Skype web telephony service via their existing mobile phone. This brings all the convenience and low cost of internet calling to mobile handsets, without the need for an expensive upgrade. This is particularly useful when travelling overseas to avoid the huge roaming costs imposed on UK mobile phone users.

IP Voicelink users can add Skype numbers to their mobile phone contacts and call for free via Skype on the internet, or pay the SkypeOut charge and make international calls at local rates.

IP Voicelink uses its home connection to access the web and relays calls via its own SIM card, meaning there is no need to be in a wireless internet zone to access Skype on the mobile. This is a huge advantage over web-enabled handsets as IP Voicelink users can access web calling, also known as VoIP, at any time and anywhere rather than having to be stationary in a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Compatible with virtually all mobile phones
IP Voicelink is compatible with most mobiles, meaning that users are not restricted by their current mobile network or handset manufacturer. Its plug and play set up means that all end users have to do is download the software provided, install the IP Voicelink via the USB key, download the Skype web telephony service on the desktop and get dialing!

So just how much does it cost?
The low cost of use for the IP Voicelink depends on what type of call is being made. All calls are done in two stages, with the first part made from the mobile handset going to the SIM card in the IP Voicelink. Any costs incurred here will depend on users current GSM tariff and are made at local rate, so could easily be free minutes on an existing calling plan. The second part is from the IP Voicelink via the unit via Skype, whereby calls are either free or up to 75 per cent cheaper.

So, If you calling from your mobile phone via the IP Voicelink to someone using Skype on their computer, you can call internationally from your mobile to Skype for free!

If you are calling from your mobile phone via the IP Voicelink to someone on their mobile or fixed phone using SkypeOut, Skype’s service for mobile phone calls, these are charged at the SkypeOut rates. On average these are 75% cheaper than a normal mobile-to-mobile call. And contacting someone who also has an IP Voicelink means that calls can be completely free!

Huge benefits for travellers – cut out roaming costs when abroad
By placing the device in Travelling Mode, users can forward all incoming calls to their usual mobile to another mobile number in another country, sidestepping pricey roaming charges still being implemented by UK network operators.

The IP Voicelink is dual band, compatible with GSM 900 and GSM 1800, meaning it can be used with all mobile phones and in multiple locations including the USA, which operates on a different GSM band to Europe.

Synchronising contacts is easy with EazzySync
Eazzysync is the synchronisation feature that enables users to use all of the Skype ciontacts stored on their PC on the mobile, via a hotkey. Once IP Voicelink sends Skype contacts to the mobile, all end users need to do is store them on the handset, meaning management of contacts is quick and easy.

IP Drum IP Voicelink costs around £120 and is available from Boystuff, and Amazon.

Go to for more information on the product. If you would like a unit to review, please contact Nina Howse at Midnight Communications or on +44 01273 666200.

Technical specifications

IP Voicelink interfaces
§ USB 1.1
§ SMA antenna connector
§ Toggle spring SIM card reader
§ USB Audio

USB 1.1 interface with PC via USB A Type
connector to Mini USB Cable

Dual Band 900 / 1800 GSM Mobile Interface
via onboard GSM Module

Mono Mode Headset Interface (optional)
USB Audio mono mode

Power supply
Input current at 5V
USB Bus Powered
500mA maximum

Power consumption
Less than 2.5 Watts at 5V

5°C to 50°C Operating Temperature
5% to 90 % Operating Humidity

Overall dimensions and weight
133mm x 97mm x 21mm
Weight 122g

Windows XP, Service Pack 2
An extra subscription (SIM card)
Skype installed on PC

Software languages
Software available in Norwegian, Swedish
and English

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