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The findings of the UK’s largest ever study into food intolerance has revealed that over 32% of patients who got better through food intolerance testing were, for at least 10 years, getting little or no relief from their symptoms whilst on the books of the NHS. Nearly 70% were getting no relief for 3 years of more on the NHS before using food intolerance as a go-it-alone, last resort cure option.

The study suggests the NHS are failing in their duty to get people better and are ignorant of a health option which would have life changing benefits to their patient.

In addition to the recent food intolerance study, published in the February issue of Nutrition and Food Science (Vol 37 Issue 1), the survey of 3219 people has highlighted the length of time patients would suffer with a range of illnesses before taking up a food intolerance option of health management.

Duration of suffering from condition before taking a food intolerance test.


Duration: Up to 1 month
Patients: 11 patients
Percentage: 0.3%

Duration: 1-6 months
Patients: 161 patients
Percentage: 5.0%

Duration: 7-35 months
Patients: 708 patients
Percentage: 22.0%

Duration: 3-10 years
Patients: 1188 patients
Percentage: 36.9%

Duration: 10 years+
Patients: 1044 patients
Percentage: 32.4%

Duration: No reply
Patients: 107 patients
Percentage: 3.3%

• Almost 70% of patients suffering from a wide range of mild and chronic illnesses (ranging from skin disorders, stomach complaints to migraine),were left suffering by the NHS for over three years before getting better through using a food intolerance test .

• 0.3% of the sample (11 patients) went straight to food intolerance testing after one month or less of suffering from their condition.

• Follow up contact with a sample of patients shows they tried to settle their ill health through the NHS but saw no significant improvement to encourage them to persevere with the prescribed treatment of pills and medication.

YORKTEST customer, Lesley Drew said…”what is happening is a scandal. If I was a car, would I really go to the garage with the same problem over and over again for four years?”

Some patients are available for comment on request.
Contact Les Rowley at YORKTEST press office on 01904 428 557 or email


All the patients tested were suffering from mild and chronic illnesses. Over three out of four got better using the YORKTEST 113 foodSCAN.

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