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New Scientific Study Reveals CherryActive Can Signficantly Lower Cholesterol

Case Study Paul Battams, High Cholesterol Sufferer Tells His Story

3 May 2007: Montmorency Tart Cherries, the type used in the new super juice CherryActive can significantly lower blood cholesterol and sugar levels in the body’ according to the research team at The University of Michigan.

Results of a scientific study were published yesterday in The Journal of the American Medical Association; also finding that Montmorency cherries help to combat heart disease, strokes and diabetes.

The key to the cherry's success is anthocyanins, natural compounds that help stop cholesterol clogging up arteries. Montmorency cherries are especially rich in anthocyanins. Studies have shown that cherries may also offer hope for relieving the pain of arthritis and may help us get a good night's sleep by regulating our natural cycle.

CherryActive the new super juice has already been helping sufferers to naturally combat inflammatory pain, like those associated with the symptoms of arthritis, gout and fibromyalgia. Paul Battams tells us his story:


Paul, aged 59 from Sussex, found that he had high cholesterol 6 months ago. He was diagnosed through blood tests, after receiving a routine check-up. His doctor prescribed medication, and also advised taking one ‘baby’ aspirin a day.

Paul was surprised by this diagnosis, as he thought that he had a reasonably healthy lifestyle. He played golf two times a week, and walked the dog daily. He also ate fresh food and avoided processed meals.

Paul began taking his medication, and at his next doctor’s appointment found that his original cholesterol level had lowered significantly to a healthy level. But his happiness was short-lived, as the doctor told him that he needed to continue with the pills.

Disappointed by the prospect of having to take medication daily, possibly for the rest of his life, Paul decided to look for natural alternatives. He found CherryActive, a health drink full of antioxidants, and made from Montmorency cherries. Paul began a regime of a glass per day.

His next doctor’s appointment found that Paul has maintained his lower cholesterol level, and he believes that this is partly due to CherryActive.

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