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Sickness, food poisoning, diarrhoea and antibiotics all take their toll not just on your tummy but your entire gastrointestinal system. The ‘good bacteria’ that live in your gut and keep your digestion and immune system healthy, can be either overcome or killed off by bad bacteria during illness and food poisoning and antibiotics. When they can’t function, your health and immune system are seriously compromised.

But it’s easy to restore gut health with FloraCare – a four step programme taken over eight days that reintroduces the good bacteria to your gut. FloraCare has been carefully and scientifically developed to ensure the right balance of bacteria are put back into your body in the best way for their best chances of survival.

What is FloraCare?

FloraCare comprises freeze dried ‘good bacteria’ in 16 sachets.
Its active ingredients are as follows: with 2 billion bacteria per sachet
Lactobacillus acidophilus/lactobacillus salivarius
Lactobacillus lactis/lactobacillus casei
Bifidobacerium lactis/Bifidobacterium longum
Bifidobacterium infantis/Enterococcus faecium

The bacteria are introduced in four steps to build up as they do in a new born baby: think of it as ‘rebooting’ your gut if you like!

Step 1 Sachet 1 days 1, 2 Intestinal cleansing and the colonisation of pioneer bacteria
Step 2 Sachet 2 days 3, 4: Raising resistance to unfavourable bacteria
Step 3 Sachet 3 days 5, 6: Colonisation of favourable bacteria
Step 4 Sachet 4 days 7, 8: Further-going stimulation and stabilisation of favourable bacteria

The 16 sachets are numbered in the order in which you should take them. You simply dissolve one sachet in a glass of bottled water. Still bottled water is used as the chlorine in tap water will kill the good bacteria. You take two sachets each day. After eight days, your entire gastrointestinal flora will be restored, although you will start to feel the benefits within a couple of days as things start to return to balance.

Easy to Take

FloraCare is easy to take; even people who have been very unwell and suffered severe stomach upsets find it settles nicely. It suits old and young alike: children can take it and once babies are on solid food they can also take FloraCare. It is very good for older people to help them recover from illness and helps bring back their appetite.

It is essential that you complete the course and take all 16 sachets. You will probably feel much better within a few days but you need to take all sachets to complete the restoration of gut flora.

Take It With You

Up to half of all holidaymakers suffer from ‘holiday tummy’ brought on by drinking local water, eating unfamiliar food or suffering the ill-effects of extreme climates. More serious illnesses linger weeks after returning from holiday. FloraCare can help end the misery by restoring good gut health.

Because it is freeze dried, FloraCare can be bought in advance and taken in your holiday first aid kit as a precaution. It will last for a year from purchase and doesn’t need to be refrigerated like some other pro-biotic supplements. So it’s an ideal one to take with you on holiday.

Where Can I Buy FloraCare?

FloraCare costs £14.95 and is available from good health food stores, at or by calling 0870 366 5729.

For more information, a clinical study, detailed breakdown of the ingredients and how they work, samples or images contact:

Katherine Selby, PR Workshop,
Tel: 0208 657 4422

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