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Research by a leading anti-spam company today reveals that Force 9 and Talk Talk are joint top when it comes to being the most spam targeted UK ISP’s and calls for the companies to take more action to prevent spammers.

Having now analysed over two years worth of data a leading UK anti-spam company today releases statistics aimed at helping consumers choose which internet service provider (ISP) is the best for them by revealing the Top Ten most spam-targeted ISP’s .

The research revealed that a massive 95% of all emails that have gone through the ClearMyMail anti spam system via Force 9 and Talk Talk ISP’s were either spam or virus related and there is also a range of other well known ISP names as shown in the list below.

Top Ten Most Spammed ISP’s

1. = 95% average spam rate
2. Talk Talk = 95% average spam rate
3. UKServers = 94%
4. Eclipse Internet = 92%
5. Yahoo = 89%
6. Orange (Wanadoo/Freeserve) = 89%
7. PlusNet = 87%
8. Zen Internet = 85%
9. Demon = 84%
10. Pipex = 84% looked at all the spam emails it had stopped since it first launched its software to better understand which ISP’s are the most targeted by spam and virus email senders and will be writing to them to share its findings and ease the spam burden on the end users.

The company also looked at which countries produce the highest number of UK targeted spam and America led the way with just under 50% of all rogue emails coming from the USA.

Top 10 Sources of Spam for UK Home and Small Business Users.

1. US 48.90%
2. UK 13.09%
3. China 6.56%
4. Germany 6.19%
5. France 5.27%
6. Korea (Republic Of) 5.00%
7. Italy 4.41%
8. Poland 4.01%
9. Spain 5.39%
10. Japan 2.98%

Dan Field is the Managing Director of ClearMyMail and talking about the launch he said,

“These are some worrying statistics and I admit I was shocked when I saw some the names in the top 10 ISP’s who seem to take little or no action when it comes to preventing spam and even more shocked to see that the UK is still the second biggest source of spam emails received here”.

He continued,

“There is little doubt in my mind that ISP’s, anti-spam and anti-virus providers need to get together to see what can be done to eliminate the time consuming and frustrating spam emails that are increasing in numbers”.

UK based ClearMyMail has customers from over 100 countries and uses an 18-stage anti-spam and anti-virus filter system to ensure that not one spam email gets through.

There is a free 30 day trial and then complete email peace of mind comes at a price of £15.00 for 6 months, £24.00 for a year or two years for £40.00.

The system has the ability to also stop the new wave of "image-spam" that has been increasingly hitting in-boxes and has featured in a book written by BBC Radio 2's Website of the Day writer Miles Mendoza who considers it to be the best of the anti-spam software bunch.

The business has recently won an award for innovation and is short listed for several more technical industry awards in 2007.


Editors Notes

For more information or hi resolution images contact, 01452 527898.

* ClearMyMail has over users from over 100 countries
* Users keep their own email address and mail can still be used via outlook and all normal mail software packages
* The software is compatible with Mac’s and PC’s
* The software works with any standard email account


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