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Companies running less than 100 company cars are failing to make the link between ‘green’ fleet management and reducing overall operating costs, according to a survey by Jaama undertaken at its Fleet Management Essentials workshops.

Targeted largely at employees with part-time fleet responsibility or people new to the role of fleet manager, the workshops include an overview of vehicle fleet management essentials and cover issues ranging from fleet costs to choosing and managing suppliers.

However, while risk management issues, keeping on top of fleet administration and reducing overall vehicle operating costs were key issues for delegates, environmental concerns failed to figure among the top 10 issues among a poll of workshop delegates.

The findings contradict recent surveys from a number of organisations, which have typically focused on larger fleets, where reducing the environmental impact of corporate motoring has been the number one issue.

Top 10 issues facing managers in charge of sub-100 fleets are:

1. Driver licence checking

2. Legislation/duty of care/corporate manslaughter - ensuring the business is taking all reasonable steps

3. Risk management and ensuring risk assessments are completed

4. Policies/procedures - the updating and management of company policies

5. Smoking ban - making employees aware of the ban, which is already in place in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and is due to come into force in the UK on July 1, and enforcing/monitoring compliance

6. Keeping on top of general day-to-day fleet administration

7. Introducing measures to reduce the overall cost of running the fleet

8. Putting in place key performance indicators to highlight cost increases

9. Taking measures to ensure employees look after their vehicles

10. Taking steps to ensure drivers understand end-of-contract recharges if vehicles are damaged beyond laid down fair, wear and tear standards.

Jaama, the fleet management software and occupational road safety specialist, expanded its workshop programme to include Fleet Management Essentials earlier this year. Over the past two years more than 800 employees with fleet responsibility have attended Jaama’s Risk Management Essentials workshops.

Jaama managing director Jason Francis said: “All the issues raised by delegates are fundamental to the operation of best practice fleet management. However, at the Fleet Management Essentials workshops we have run so far this year ‘green’ issues have not been seen as hugely important, although some delegates are aware of the importance of fuel efficiency.”

With almost 100 employees with fleet responsibility from a cross-section of businesses and industry sectors having attended the seminars, Mr Francis said: “Given the high profile in the media of climate change concerns and the importance of businesses embracing the environment within their corporate social responsibility programmes, we were surprised that the delegates did not view ‘green’ issues as key within their operations.

“Whist they may not be responsible for strategic ‘green’ policy decisions, we have tried to impress on delegates that introducing environmentally-friendly initiatives will help them to achieve one of their key targets, which is reducing overall fleet operating costs.”

Such ‘green’ measures include careful compilation of vehicle choice lists that favour low emission vehicles and company cars with high MPG, the introduction of mileage management policies and promoting the use of alternatives to car use where practical.

Mr Francis said: “It is clear from the seminars that while the majority of companies now understand their managing occupational road risk responsibilities after a concerted awareness campaign over many years, the same cannot be said for ‘green’ issues.

“Duty of care and a company’s health and safety responsibility for its at-work drivers has been at the top of fleet decision-makers’ agendas for a number of years. We must now ensure that organisations understand the importance of operating environmentally-friendly fleet policies and how their introduction can save money and make their more corporately responsible.”

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