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22 May 2007 – A brand new UK-based company Zenulta is being launched at the TeleManagement World Conference in Nice at the same time as the Company announces its ground-breaking technology for enterprise event correlation to the marketplace.

Founded in 2006, Zenulta combines network and service management knowledge with a genius approach to the industry’s existing issue of enterprise-wide event correlation. The company’s team of developers – along with launch telecoms customer Turkcell and systems integrator System Mechanics Ltd - has been working to bring a new type of enterprise event correlation machine to the market.

Now ready for commercial launch, and initially focused on the telecoms environment, Zenulta’s new patent-pending technology, “Proximity correlation”, represents a step change in the industry. It fills a major gap in the marketplace, while addressing the problems inherent in the discipline of event correlation today, as highlighted in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, in that existing solutions are based mostly around old technologies.

Zenulta’s Enterprise Correlation Solution has been developed to enable telecoms businesses to maintain complex, multi-vendor, multi-platform networks and systems, ensuring smooth running and constant service delivery.

It correlates events at the high level – taking a series of independent notifications and using them to identify the ‘Real Event’ as quickly as possible in order to take the appropriate actions, so ensuring consistency of service, system performance and vastly reduced support costs.

According to John Tucker, Chief Executive Officer of Zenulta: “We are very excited about bringing Zenulta’s new technology to market – initially for telecoms providers but expanding to other sectors as we evolve. It has the potential to save millions for businesses while enabling them to deliver high levels of customer service, consistently.

“We have been busy creating a solution that is capable of taking hundreds of millions of events and messages from numerous sources and correlating them. It allows businesses to respond rapidly and accurately to these events, through analysing a multitude of co-related events and determining resulting actions at speeds never before achievable, with far greater levels of sophistication and for far less cost than before.”

Zenulta has worked closely with its launch customer, Turkcell. Turkcell is the leading mobile communication provider of Turkey with 32 million subscribers. Turkcell has one of the largest single mobile networks in Europe and deploys Zenulta's innovative enterprise-class correlation technology - Proximity Correlation.

John Tucker, Chief Executive Officer of Zenulta continued: “In short, compared to the old correlation technologies on the market, our new Proximity Correlation technology is faster and cheaper. It’s also capable of having a far more positive impact on business, in terms of superior customer care and the ability to resolve problems faster than ever before.

“Just to cite one example: current technologies might enable the analysis of up to 100 events per second. Zenulta technology can enable up to 16,000 a second. That’s just one reason why we believe that with our new Proximity Correlation technology, we really have broken through the old barriers.”

Already, Proximity Correlation is creating interest among telecoms businesses in discussion with Zenulta, because of some unique capabilities previously unavailable in the marketplace. “In talking to businesses we’ve found a great deal of enthusiasm about some powerful functions like Replay,” said John Tucker. “Effectively this means a business can ‘go back in time’ and re-run correlations against past events – something that has never been possible before.”

“Another thing companies are keen to exploit is the fact that no coding is needed to design scenarios, which means business professionals are empowered to do it themselves. They can use template scenarios, which are ‘tried and tested’ and proven in other company networks. These are just two examples … we’ve discovered a high level of interest in many other areas where there is clearly a gap in the current product offering,” concluded Zenulta’s John Tucker.

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About Zenulta

Zenulta Ltd was founded in February 2006, bringing together experienced Network Management knowledge and a genius approach to the existing issue of enterprise-wide event correlation.

Since then, a team of highly talented developers has been working to bring a new type of Enterprise Event Correlation machine to the market. The innovative product represents a paradigm shift in this arena – a new way of thinking about the issue.

The solution is being developed using Zenulta’s innovative technology directly with a customer and a Systems Integrator. The commercial launch date for the product – which also takes the company name Zenulta – is May 2007.

Zenulta Ltd is privately owned and has already attracted investment partners. The company is UK based operating from Brinkworth in Wiltshire.

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