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At YAZOO, the UK’s favourite flavoured milk drink*, we are only too aware that traveling with kids can be stressful. ‘Are we there yet?’, ‘Muuuum, Lucy’s got my Gameboy’, ‘I need a drink’!

Don’t give up – this is a battle that can be won! Arm yourself with a stash of goodies such as a bottle of YAZOO, activity books and toys… plus take a look at the top five YAZOO word games that’ll have your little one’s milking their imaginations:


1. Aunty’s Shopping Basket

A memory game where you need to remember Aunties ever growing shopping list. The first person says, Aunty went to the shop and she bought some apples. Then the next person says, Aunty went to the shop and bought some apples and some milk. As the shopping list increases, it becomes harder to remember

2. Car Karaoke

Not as painful as it sounds! Someone hums a song or a theme tune from a tv programme. The first person to guess the correct song or theme tune does the next song.

3. Animal Alphabet

Going through the alphabet you have to think of an animal that begins with each letter e.g. A is for antelope, B is bear, C is for cheetah. You’ll have lots of fun listening to your kids trying to come up with an animal beginning with X!

4. Who am I?

Pick a well known person or place and the other people in the car have to ask you questions to identify who you are. Popular questions include; are you male or female, are you from the UK, are you on tv, are you a singer, are you alive? If playing with younger children it’s easier to use animals.

5. I Spy

Age old favourite where you have to see something, give the initial(s) of what you see e.g. If you saw a postbox you say, I spy with my little eye something beginning with P. Everyone has to guess what you are and the person who guesses correctly takes the next turn.

YAZOO TOP TIP: allow children to cheat and give them some help – once a child is out of the game they will instantly get bored!

YAZOO comes in 500ml, 1l, 200ml multi-pack and 200ml single serve bottles (the perfect travel size) and four flavours – Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana and new YAZOO YOGO - yogurt drink. It is available in all major supermarkets and independent grocery stores. Prices may vary by retailer.



• Sources - No 1 by Volume and frequency of purchase: TNS Global 2007, 52 wks to 25th March 2007; No 1 by Value and frequency: AC Nielsen 24 weeks to 25th March 2007

• YAZOO has all the goodness of dairy so is a packed with calcium and vitamin B – a healthier alternative for active growing kids

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