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Clearstone to make LGV training more accessible

1 June 2007: In its continued drive to address the LGV (large goods vehicle) driver skills shortage, Clearstone is calling on office workers, who are often subject to heightened levels of workplace stress during summer months, to consider a career in driving with flexible working hours to achieve a better sense of well-being.

Now that summer’s here it seems hard to imagine anyone suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) but although the clinical term is normally associated with the winter months, for some people a lack of fresh air and natural light at any time can be a problem. With UK employees working longer hours than anywhere else in Europe, and one in five eating lunch at their desks , there’s a real risk that office workers are not getting enough exposure to the fresh air and sunlight.

Scientists have already established that certain office environments can contribute to stress. Artificial light, the glare of computers, noise in open plan offices and poor quality air-conditioning can be debilitating, especially when the person has no control over their environment. In comparison, a career in which they can work independently and have control over their working environment provides a much-needed alternative to the office rat race.

Dr Williams of deWinton-Williams consultants says: “SAD is normally a winter-related disorder. However, with people working ever-longer hours and staying at their desk for the whole day, the symptoms of SAD can occur at any time of year. Natural daylight is the recommended remedy for SAD and being out in the fresh air can help lift spirits. I would recommend regular breaks from the workstation and getting outside on lunch breaks. If you find the office environment has a negative effect on your mood or health – find a job that gets you out in the light and gives you control.”

For anyone looking to escape the office environment, LGV driving provides a good alternative, offering flexible working hours, regular breaks and independence. Clearstone is taking steps to make learning to drive an LGV more accessible by introducing the Milestone pay-as-you go scheme and working with Skills for Logistics to subsidise training for women (currently less than 0.5% of LGV drivers are female).

Some of the benefits of driving an LGV include:

· Flexible working hours; a variety of shift patterns enabling drivers to choose between working at night and spending free time outside in the day; or driving in the day and enjoying work in the daylight hours

· More space in the cab than many office work stations; instant access to fresh air and constant exposure to natural daylight

· Changing scenery to keep the driver alert

· New working hours directive means that all drivers must take regular breaks every 4 hours (this is unlikely in an office environment)

· Be your own boss; manage your hours and daily structure with less pressure from above

· Choice of music; create your own environment

· Job satisfaction - providing an essential service in transporting goods for the public

Paul Jacobs, CEO of LGV recruitment and training specialist Clearstone, comments: “Many people stick with their routine and put up with the stress simply because they don’t see an alternative. LGV driving presents a solution for people no longer willing to deal with the sometimes stressful conditions of working in an office environment. LGV driving is now more accessible than ever: power steering makes the vehicles easier to handle and the flexible working hours means that it can fit around family commitments. The career also provides drivers with freedom and personal space, exposure to the outdoors and constant access to a natural breeze. With anticipated earnings of around £28,000 it’s certainly an interesting career option.”

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About Clearstone

Clearstone is the UK’s leading LGV driver training and recruitment organisation. With a network of training schools across the UK and a powerful recruitment arm, Clearstone boasts the unique ability to both develop a skills base for the industry through its unrivalled training capabilities and bridge the supply-gap by placing its newly qualified and experienced drivers into permanent roles. Clearstone also provides training for corporate clients who choose to outsource their requirements.

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