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LONDON (5th June, 2007) – A recent survey by of attractive people in the United Kingdom and abroad reveals insights and comparisons into promiscuity, faithfulness, importance of looks, financial wealth and emerging plastic surgery tendencies among other trends. the hotly debated online networking site for beautiful people only, conducted a controversial survey of 6,500 attractive English men and women. The same survey was also conducted in the US, Europe and Australia. In total over 30,000 attractive people participated.

UK men prefer surgically enhanced breasts

61Percent of attractive English men would prefer their partners to have surgically enhanced breasts. These statistics help explain the trend of young women opting for this type of surgery in a competitive dating world. Against popular opinion the US men show the least amount of interest in a surgically enhanced chest.

Beautiful Brits unfaithful

61 Percent of British women and 71 Percent of British men admitted to being unfaithful in a long term relationship. Overall 66 Percent of attractive UK inhabitants admitted to playing away from home with men on average more likely to be unfaithful than women. These figures are only surpassed by the passionate Italians and it appears that passion regularly gets the better of them as 75 Percent admitted to being unfaithful to a long term partner.

Brits have more sexual partners

The attractive Brits and Americans have more sexual partners on average per year than any other country surveyed. This goes against the conservative perception of the English. The highest percentage of UK people surveyed claim to have between 10 and 15 different sexual partners per year.
Robert Hintze founder of BeautifulPeople says “I believe a major factor for the Brits having more sexual partners can be attributed to the rampant drinking culture within Great Britain as this lowers inhibitions and promotes promiscuity”

Sex on the first date

65 Percent of attractive UK inhabitants admit to having sex on the first date. This figure is however completely eclipsed by the Swedes who are most promiscuous with 81 Percent admitting to casual sex on the first date.

Good looks get you ahead in society

Overwhelmingly, looks are extremely important in business and personal endeavors according to the survey. 66 Percent of attractive British men and women believe their physical appearance has aided their success in life. This percentage is high, but not when compared with the US at 85 Percent. When asked if they are naturally more accommodating to attractive people themselves, 65 Percent of Britons responded in the affirmative.

It is interesting to note that 73 Percent of women compared to 58 Percent of men believe their attractive appearance has got them ahead in life. More men than women admit being favorably biased to the aesthetically blessed at 67 Percent and 62 Percent respectively. In addition, 97 Percent consider looks important when selecting a partner while 75 Percent would not opt for a relationship with someone who had personality but was not attractive.

Dr Henri P Gaboriau an award winning plastic surgeon and member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery comments; “it is interesting to see that even though 73% of women thought that their good looks helped them to “get ahead”, only 62% of them would consider being more accommodating to other beautiful people. The complete reverse than for men. Could we interpret such result as that beautiful women don’t’ like competition from other beautiful people (regardless of sex)? Certainly the data here confirms this assumption.”

Beautiful UK women least materialistic

63 Percent of attractive English women are very concerned about a potential partner’s financial success. This figure is relatively low when compared to the same results taken from other countries. 75 Percent of attractive American women place high importance on a partner’s financial situation while 67 Percent of Spanish and Italian women also deem this as very important. UK women may be finding it difficult to remain monogamous but it would be grossly unfair to call them gold diggers.

BeautifulPeople Network (BP) is a global phenomenon and the largest online network of attractive people in the world. Members of BP hand pick applicants to join their online club through a harsh rating system.

The survey questions and results can be viewed through the link below. You can see the results for all countries by selecting your country of interest in the drop down box.

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