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Vicky* was horrified one morning to wake up so bloated that she had gained 3.5 inches around her abdomen and waist. She had put on 2 inches around her lower abdomen – just below her belly button – and 1.5 inches around her waist. β€œI looked about four months pregnant and try as I might I couldn’t suck in my bloated tummy. It was rock solid,” says Vicky.

Abdominal pain, gas and bloating such as Vicky suffered can be eased by Candigest Plus if the root cause is candida – and it often is.

Candigest Plus is a natural enzyme supplement that works by breaking down the candida cell wall before digesting the organism itself. Because the complete organism is removed it doesn’t return. The way in which it digests the cell wall produces far fewer toxins. A proliferation of toxins leads to the undesirable β€˜die off effect’ (the flu-like symptoms suffered when the candida is broken up but released back into the body). Thus Candigest Plus minimises these symptoms by minimising the toxins in the body.

Candigest Plus contains six key enzymes. Two of the enzymes digest the yeast organism cell wall. Three others digest the carbohydrates off which the candida feeds thus starving it. The sixth enzyme – Protease - is the secret weapon that no other anti-fungal product has. It can digest the protein nucleus of the candida organism to remove it entirely from the body.

β€œI took the recommended four capsules a day – two last thing at night and two first thing in the morning on an empty stomach,” says Vicky. β€œI can honestly say within 24 hours I had lost an inch off my abdomen. Within a week I had lost the 1.5 inches off my waist and another inch off my abdomen. And then over the next few weeks, while I completed the capsules, my abdominal measurements gradually reduced. My abdomen has not been this flat since having my children!”

Where is it available?

Candigest Plus costs Β£15 for 30 capsules by phone on 0870 774 7020 or at

* Vicky is a genuine case study to whom you can speak to verify her symptoms and how she was helped by Candigest Plus.

Media Contact

For more information, advice, comments, samples or photographs, contact: Katherine Selby on 0208 657 4422 or email

Note to editors:

Candida albicans is a single-celled yeast-like organism that lives in the intestinal tract. The yeast cells release toxins. When candida is in balance with β€˜friendly’ bacteria these are barely noticeable. But when it overgrows, the toxic load becomes too much for the body. And it responds by feeling one or more of the unpleasant symptoms above. Candida thrives in the twenty first century. It loves sugar, refined and processed food, stress, alcohol and bread. All these things encourage it to grow. Given that many people also love several of the same things it is clear how candida has become so prolific.

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