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How To Handle Not Strangle The People You Live and Work With

June 2007/London - When it comes to your relationships are you a hero or a zero to other people? Do you see yourself as others really see you? Are your relationships both in and out of the workplace as enjoyable and fulfilling as they could be? In S.U.M.O. Your Relationships – How to Handle Not Strangle The People You Live and Work With (June 2007 Capstone, £12.99), Paul McGee, creator of the internationally acclaimed S.U.M.O. concept (Shut Up, Move On) applies his straight-talking, practical and humorous S.U.M.O. philosophy to help us explore new and powerful ways of building more positive relationships.

With the quality of our relationships having a dramatic impact on our levels of happiness and success in life, Paul’s S.U.M.O. approach will help you to grow, improve, manage and move on in your key relationships with others - and yourself.

The book begins by identifying seven S.U.M.O. realities that impact on our relationships. These ‘truths’ are the foundations of the book and come complete with practical S.U.M.O. pit stops and takeaways so you can stop and think about your own relationships. Paul also offers numerous insights into his own personal rights and wrongs!

The second part offers seven S.U.M.O. insights and introduces some characters you might just recognise. Do any of these sound familiar? Does your boss streamroll through their ‘to do’ list but focus solely on the task and leave little or no time to consider the people involved? (classic Commander). Or does your partner never let you finish a sentence or replies to your “I’ve had the worst day ever” with “wait till you hear about mine!” (you’re living with a hijacker).

Is a problem shared a problem actually doubled with your best friend (aka an Awfuliser?). Or possibly you think that your optimistic mantra ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ helps people when actually you could be guilty of being a Happy, and your positivity could be stifling others’ need to express their emotions? (* see full character summary).

As well as discovering how to best deal with these seven characters (including your own) so life can be a little easier, ultimately more effective and definitely more pleasant, S.U.M.O. Your Relationships encourages you to ‘Shut Up’ blaming others and ‘Move On’ to find new ways of developing better relationships with the people you deal with every day.

S.U.M.O. Your Relationships is also ideal preparation for those points in our lives when we have to deal with any difficult relationships or issues – whether with a colleague, parent, child, friend, or partner, and will help you take stock of all your relationships to make the most of them. So get ready for some real insight into the complex world of relationships and start taking control of how you deal and interact with others – for everyone’s benefit.


S.U.M.O. Your Relationships by Paul McGee
£12.99, Capstone ISBN 978-1-84112-743-9
June 2007

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About the author:

Paul McGee is an international speaker, straight-talking life & relationships guru and best-selling author and creator of the S.U.M.O. (Shut up, Move on) concept on how to create and enjoy fulfilling and successful relationships in all areas of our lives. Paul has now spread the S.U.M.O. word in twenty five countries across the globe and coached numerous companies in this approach including Shell, Marks and Spencer, Barclays, Glaxo SmithKline, Granada TV and Hewlett Packard.

* S.U.M.O. Your Relationships identifies seven character types. You might have met some of them…

The Ditherer – A Ditherer would take a holiday every year in the land of procrastination. If only they could decide how to get there.

The Commander – Loves to take control. It’s a dog eats dog world out there and if you’re not careful, you are next on the menu.

The Hijacker – There’s no conversation that can’t be interrupted when the Hijacker is around, so don’t expect to make it off the verbal runway.

The Awfuliser – Having a bad day? Let the Awfuliser make it feel a whole lot worse.

The Happy – Need some sunshine in your life? The Happy will dazzle you so much you’ll soon be running for a quiet, darkened room again.

The Whinger – Why achieve anything when you can moan about it instead? Life’s a drag, so why not tell everyone?

The Swinger – A change is as good as a rest, so they say. Who needs a rest when you can change your mind as often as your underwear?

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