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New research out today, which questioned over 10,000 participants on white lies has found that 56% of men will tell the truth when asked classic ‘little black dress’ questions such as ‘Have I put on weight?’, “does my bum look big in this’, or ‘do you like this dress’. And women want to hear it, 88% of women said they wanted the truth when they ask these classic questions.

Sam van Rood, Love Doctor says: “Tell the Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Nine out of ten women will love you for it.’


Jeff Maysh from Loaded says: “a white lie solves all problems. It's a fact, men lie. We do it to get girls in to bed, out of it, to do what we want, then what we don’t want! Caroline Monk, Closer columnist says: “For the guy’s sake, and for the sake of the relationship, lie, lie lie!

Jenny, 29, from Tayside says ‘Absolutely tell the truth, if I didn’t want his opinion, I wouldn’t ask him!’

The consequences of men not telling the truth can be terrible, Carl, 42 from Guildford says ‘my girlfriend used to constantly ask me if I loved her, I did, but didn’t tell her the truth. She then finished the relationship . . . the reason because I never told her I loved her!’

The research, carried out by also found:

Men with PhDs are the least like to tell the truth when faced with a ‘little black dress’ question (only 47.5% tell the truth), while non professionals like builders are most likely to tell the truth (60.46%).

Men in Gwent are the most honest in the country (74.29%), while the men in County Down who were questioned are the most likely to lie (only 29.41% would tell the truth).

Women in Herefordshire want to be lied to most in the country (37.5% wanted a white lie), while women in West Glamorgan are most likely to want the truth (95.45% wanted the truth)

Aries men are most likely to tell the truth (60.49%), while Cancerian men are the most like to tell a white lie (49.87%).

Love Doctor Sam van Rood says ‘Men can breath a sigh of relief, usually when faced with these questions we think it’s either the frying pan or the fire – now we know women just want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.’

Resources available:

Expert comment, male and female case studies, columnist opinions.

Format ideas:

VT of case studies, with vox pops from the public. Head to Head debate with either male or female columnist vs. expert.

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Research: polled 5217 women and 4952 men online. Detailed stats and figures on questions asked, regional breakdowns, education levels, religion, eye colour, star sign etc. are available on request.

About Sam van Rood:

Sam van Rood is GMTV’s love doctor, the author of Teach Yourself Flirting, the date doctor on How to Find a Husband, and a presenter for the upcoming programme ‘How to have great sex after marriage’. He works 1:1 with individual clients and with some of London’s leading dating agencies and dating websites such as

About Makefriendsonline:

Launched in 2000, Make Friends Online has over a million members primarily from the UK and Ireland, with worldwide membership increasing rapidly. Affectionately known as MFO to its huge enthusiastic crowd of regulars, who treat the site more like the local pub than an online dating agency, it has claimed thousands of friendships, relationships, engagements, marriages, and even MFO babies.


For men:

When a woman asks you, 'have I put on weight?', 'do you like this dress?', 'does my bum look big in this?', and you know the answer is going to sound bad, do you, lie, or tell the truth?

For women:

When you ask a man, 'have I put on weight?', 'do you like this dress?', 'does my bum look big in this?', do you want him to lie, or tell the truth?

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