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Women hiding menopausal symptoms

Results from an online survey on recently published in Menopause International have shown that many women are suffering from the menopausal problems of vaginal dryness and painful intercourse (dyspareunia) yet very few are asking health professionals for advice, even though very effective treatments are available.

The survey, which received over 1,000 replies, showed that although 88% of respondents thought that continuing an active sex life was important, 53% had experienced dyspareunia of which only a small percentage (12%) had received treatment. Sadly, 61% hid their symptoms from their partner and 42% made excuses to avoid having intercourse because of the discomfort, with 60% feeling that the symptom had adversely affected their confidence.

It is unclear whether women are unaware that treatments are available and they don’t have to “suffer in silence” or whether they are too embarrassed to ask for help. What is clear is that health professionals should ask women specifically about the common menopausal problem of painful sex both when discussing menopause issues and when older women are attending for smears.

Other surveys carried out on were also reported and showed, regarding women’s views on HRT, 75% of respondents were in favour of HRT, 36% felt that media reports of the risks of HRT had been exaggerated yet worryingly, 73% felt that they did not know enough about HRT to make informed choices. In relation to Alternative therapies, 71% received no advice before starting an alternative therapy, 95% would try alternative therapies before HRT yet 85% felt that they didn’t know enough to make informed choices.

The menopausematters website currently receives an average of 50,000 hits per day and provides up to date, non-biased information on many aspects of menopause. The results provided by surveys on menopausematters are an excellent source of important information and highlight problems faced by menopausal women.

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