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As the Smoking Ban comes into force across the UK, friendship site decided to find out if people really do find smoking as intolerable as the Government claims.

Working on the basis that you're unlikely to object to sharing a pub with someone you'd welcome a relationship with, they simply asked their members if they would date a smoker. A staggering 70% of nearly 30,000 respondents said yes, they would have a relationship with a smoker - and that included over 50% of non-smokers.

So where is the overwhelming support the Government claims for this ban? It's not to be found where one might expect, amongst the youngest respondents, with an enormous 80% of 18-24 year olds not bothered by smoking. And the gender divide also provided few clues with only marginally more women than men put off by smoke. Even astrology, religion and wealth failed to provide conclusive answers. Finally however a small pocket of support was isolated, with over 50% of the over-60's being unwilling to tolerate smoke, backed up by the fact that those with grey or white hair are almost twice as likely to object to smoking than other hair colours.

So, it would seem our pubs are set to become very different places, filled with delighted OAPs clutching their halves of shandy. And it seems it won't be just the Smokers who might opt for the pavements!

More generally the survey revealed that smokers are least welcome in Aberdeen, where 44% of residents say they find the habit a complete turn off but you'll still be welcome in Sutton or Hounslow where 86% and 82% respectively either aren't bothered by smoking or at the very least are content to overlook it.

The comments attached to the survey suggest the majority of people in the UK, smokers or not, were most concerned by the 'Big Brother' implications of this ban. Typical comments were:

'This is supposed to be a democracy. I gave up smoking for 7 years but I've started again because I won't be dictated to by the minority who believe we shouldn't be allowed to make up our own minds.'

'I don't smoke myself but I believe each to his or her own. I dated a smoker who didn't drink. I didn't object to him smoking and he didn't object to my glass of wine.'

Whilst a spokesman for added 'We really don't mind the ban! As a 'virtual pub' we're one of the few places left in the UK where people can legally smoke, socialise and stay out of the rain. We were surprised by the results however and do sympathise with all the businesses affected by this legislation.'


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Research: polled 27673 members. Detailed stats & breakdowns available on request.

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