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So states Clifford G. Krenz Director of ‘there is a cure, that is safe, natural with no side effects; except being, looking & feeling slimmer. So take up the Formulahealth challenge!’

Obesity is a condition in which the natural energy reserve, stored in the fatty tissue of humans and other mammals, is increased to a point where it is associated with certain health conditions or increased mortality.
Obesity is both an individual clinical condition and is increasingly viewed as a serious public health problem. Excessive body weight has been shown to predispose to various diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus type 2, sleep apnea, and osteoarthritis.[1]
In several human cultures, obesity was associated with physical attractiveness, strength, and fertility. Some of the earliest known cultural artifacts, known as Venus figurines, are pocket-sized statuettes representing an obese female figure. Although their cultural significance is unrecorded, their widespread use throughout pre-historic Mediterranean and European cultures suggests a central role for the obese female form in magical rituals, and suggests cultural approval of (and perhaps reverence for) this body form. This is most likely due to their ability to easily bear children and survive famine.

Obesity was considered as a symbol of wealth and social status in cultures prone to food shortages or famine. Well into the early modern period in European cultures, it often served this role. But as food security was realized, it came to serve more as a visible signifier of "lust for life", appetite and immersion in the realm of of the erotic. WIKIPEDIA. having launched Formula Pure Hoodia shortly before Christmas 2006 have had a 100% success rate with the product. Offering a no quibble money back guarantee ‘if Formula Pure Hoodia did not work’ have to date not received a single complaint and have many customers coming back for more as well as introducing their family & friends.
Hoodia Gordonii has received excellent worldwide press endorsement and because it is a totally natural product is confident that their ‘money back guarantee’ is also totally safe. Clifford G. Krenz says “the only people who should not take the benefits of Formula Pure Hoodia are ‘Mums to be’ and ‘mums who are breastfeeding’. Formula Pure Hoodia helps the overweight to gradually reduce their appetite and consume less calories on a daily basis therefore reducing the pain and cravings associated with dieting.”
“Speaking to my customers makes me realize the benefits of losing weight gradually; rather than the high-loss diets that have been such a fad over the last few years. Those who lose weight quickly soon put it all back on. Once weight has been lost slowly then the stomach starts to shrink further reducing hunger; and the ability to do realistic exercise presents itself again” Clifford G. Krenz says “I am willing to come and talk to any of your members at your Weight-loss Clubs or your listeners on Radio & TV and take up the challenge”
“If you are serious about losing weight then we will show you how to lose 14 lbs every two months and not put it straight back on. It is a simple challenge of that I am money back confident”

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