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Unique Wi-Safe Warning Handset Set to Save Hundreds of Lives

FireAngel, one of the UK’s leading forces in the manufacture and supply of home safety devices, has further expanded its product range with a system that could help save hundreds of lives.

Providing peace of mind, the Wi-Safe range of home safety products has been designed to provide the ultimate in early warning of the danger of fire or carbon monoxide in the home. Central to the Wi-Safe system is the Remote Warning Handset, a small portable hand held device that works in conjunction with FireAngel’s Wi-Safe Smoke Alarm and Wi-Safe Carbon Monoxide Alarm, providing audible and strong visual alerts.

Crucially, the warning handset can be placed anywhere in the house, typically by a bed to ensure that the user wakes when potential fire, smoke and carbon monoxide problems are detected elsewhere in the house. The importance of this is paramount. A study in Australia has shown that only 6% of children (aged 6 – 15) wake up when a standard smoke alarm installed in a landing is triggered, because the sound fails to wake them.

All Wi-Safe alarms and accessories incorporate FireAngel’s wire free communication technology with unique code encryption enabling signals from remote alarms to activate the handset.

Simple to use, the Wi-Safe Remote Warning Handset can be placed in any location. It responds to either the Wi-Safe Smoke Alarm or Wi-Safe Carbon Monoxide Alarm from around the house and activates the handset to immediately sound and flash to warn of either the danger of fire or the presence of carbon monoxide, which then gives residents an early alert and a better chance of escaping.

As soon as the Handset picks up a signal from the smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, its alarm will sound and at the same time, a bright light on the handset will flash warning of danger and an indicator will illuminate on the handset to identify the danger type - smoke or CO.

After the warning handset has been alerted to danger it automatically converts to an escape torch when taken out of its holder. The strong white light helps guide the way out of the building and the handset emits a locator chirp so anyone holding the handset can be readily found. When the danger has been investigated and eliminated, simply replacing it into its holder resets the Handset.

The Wi-Safe Warning Handset runs off the mains supply. If there is a break in power the handset will run off its 9 volt back up battery for up to 6 weeks.

John Walsh, Managing Director of FireAngel commented: “We are very excited by the launch of the Wi-Safe range, our goal is to continually offer products that increase safety in the home through innovation, design and the application of the latest technology. The Wi-Safe range is a major step change in how we will use smoke and CO alarms in our homes and addresses the growing concerns with respect to waking from deep sleep during danger. “

Over 80 per cent of homes have at least one smoke alarm installed and fire deaths have fallen by more than half over the last 20 years as the public have become increasingly aware of the effectiveness of smoke alarms. But it does not detract from the fact that in the case of young children, the elderly or infirm it is highly likely that they may not wake up in the event of a fire even with a smoke alarm in place. That is because people often sleep through the alarm, especially if the device is fitted too far away from where the individual is sleeping.

Mr. Walsh commented: “Perhaps today, because of reporting and debate following recent tragic events, more people are concerned of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

“Early detection is the key to avoiding this silent killer, and it’s crucial every household should be fitted with a carbon monoxide alarm.

“Carbon monoxide will typically be as a result of a faulty gas, oil or solid fuel appliance and therefore for earliest possible warning, placement of alarms near the most likely source of the danger is advised. The remote warning handset will alert you at night beside your bed if it is triggered by a Wi-Safe CO alarm in the kitchen, garage or utility room, bringing home safety to a new level.

“The fact that the Wi-Safe Remote Warning Handset has a dual purpose provides total peace of mind and gives homeowners the assurance that they have done everything possible to safeguard themselves and their family.”

The Wi-Safe Wireless Home Safety System will be available immediately through B & Q and other retailers later in the year. The remote warning handset will retail for under £30 and the Wi-Safe smoke and CO alarms will range in price from £15 to £35.

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