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DRUGS. The very word is enough to strike fear into the hearts of most parents. The legal ones are bad enough, but at least if you find a half-drunk bottle of vodka under your fourteen-year-old’s bed, or a packet of fags in their school bag, you’ll know what you’re up against.

But what if your son or daughter is already into something a bit more dangerous than tobacco? If they’re smoking spliffs on the way home from school, would you spot the signs? Or god forbid they’ve gotten themselves into real trouble, and have started using cocaine, or ecstasy, or heroin even? How would you know?

Clearly you’d want to be sure of your facts before you went about confronting them. But even if you came across a suspicious-looking substance in your offspring’s bedroom, how could you be sure it was something illegal and dangerous? Okay, you might have smoked the odd joint back in your university days (like quite a few politicians we could mention …), but how clued up are you about today’s super-strong ‘skunk’? Would you recognise a lump of hashish if you stumbled across it? And is that white smudge on your daughter’s dressing table mirror worrying evidence of an evening’s cocaine sniffing, or simply what you hope and pray it looks like, a bit of spilt talcum powder?


Help is at hand. At you can purchase, relatively inexpensively, simple-to-use home testing kits that will detect pretty much any of the most commonly used illegal drugs. Take the Drug Test – Marijuana (PDLMARIJUANA £69 inc VAT) kit, for example.

There are 10 tests in the pack, each consisting of chemical ampoules in a heavy-duty plastic pouch. And the good news is you don’t need to be a chemist to use them. There’s no complicated mixing of reagents, you simply place a small sample of the suspect substance in the pouch, break the ampoules and watch for a colour change. The test works for cannabis in all its forms – marijuana, hashish and hash oil (although you might know of it as ‘pot’ or ‘weed’). The shelf life of the product is indefinite too.

Although some of us who were teenagers in the post-Beatles 60s and 70s have a fairly tolerant view of cannabis, there’s no doubt that the drug can cause serious psychological harm – especially to the still-developing teenage brain (it’s a major carcinogen too). In fact, so worrying are the potentially psychosis-inducing properties of the new super-strength skunk varieties, a majority of the electorate now favours the reclassification of the drug from Class C to Class B.


But whereas there are differing views on cannabis, there’s no doubt whatsoever about the dangers posed to kids by Class A drugs like heroin and cocaine. It’s a familiar story: ‘recreational’ use gradually turns into a habit, and ends up as addiction. And no parent wants their child to become a junkie.

For the rapid and definitive detection of cocaine there’s the Drug Test – Cocaine ID Swipes (PDLCOCASWIPE – £125 inc VAT) kit. Packaged in individual foil envelopes, these small swabs can be easily carried in a pocket. Simply wipe one across a surface on which you suspect the presence of cocaine; if you’re right, the swab will change colour instantly.

They’re highly sensitive, picking up even trace amounts of cocaine residue, and with their unlimited shelf life the swabs will provide accurate, reliable results, when and where you need them. Ideal also for the teaching fraternity, pub landlords etc., each pack contains 50 swabs.

There’s also the Cocaine Detection Spray (PDLCOCASP – £95 inc VAT), an aerosol-based drug detection system for the identification of cocaine, PCP (a particularly nasty drug) and other related types. This test is carried out in conjunction with Universal Test Papers (PDLUNIPAPER – £29 inc VAT) – and, again, a change of colour indicates a positive result.

Spycatcher also sells detection kits specifically for heroin – Drug Test – Opiates (PDLOPIATES £49 inc VAT), as well as LSD, barbiturates, Valium and even the so-called ‘date rape’ drug Rohypnol.


None of us want to feel like we’re ‘snooping’ on our kids, but when their futures – maybe even their lives – are at stake, sometimes it’s better to be sure.

Importantly, unlike some website-based businesses, it’s not just a ‘faceless’ online service. The Spycatcher management team has decades of experience in, personal protection, surveillance and related fields. They will be more than happy to discuss your particular needs with you, and explain the most effective methods for using the kits. If you’re worried that your son or daughter might be dabbling in something harmful, and want some advice from a real expert, call them on 0207 224 1435.

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