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Colnaghi attends the International Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show, New York exhibiting a comprehensive selection of works from the major schools of European painting from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries. Highlights include a seventeenth century Biblical scene by the Utrecht master, Adam Willaerts as well as a pair of eighteenth century Angelica Kauffmann portraits. Katrin Bellinger at Colnaghi presents a selection of Old Master Drawings including a sixteenth century cartouche of the Medici coat of arms by Poccetti, together with a collection of botanical drawings from Calcutta from around 1800.

Colnaghi Paintings
On the Colnaghi stand this year is The Miracle on the Beach of Gennesaret, large oil on panel by Adam Willaerts (Antwerp 1577 – 1664/9 Utrecht). Willaerts is known as an exemplary colourist, and one of the most successful marine painters of his day, who was constantly seeking to create a more realistic coastal landscape in his work. This biblical narrative has been constructed to play to the artist’s strengths and has been placed in a contemporary setting as seen with the contemporary clothing of the foreground figures and a contemporary Dutch war ship in the background. His work typically makes use of narrative, fluid colour, vibrant costuming and lively atmosphere, all qualities which are evident in this painting.

Further highlights include: A female Turkish Bath or Hammam by Jean-Jacques-François Le Barbier (Rouen 1738 – 1826 Paris). This remarkable picture anticipates by almost a hundred years Ingrés ‘Bain Turc’ and the taste for Orientalist paintings in Western Europe. It was painted to provide the design for an engraved plate to Ignatius Mouradgea d'Ohsson's Tableau Général de l'Empire Othoman, published in 1787 and 1789 in Paris. Through this work, the Baron D'Ohsson became a hugely influential figure in our understanding and appreciation of the culture of the Ottoman Empire. This painting served as the basis for one of the plates in the first volume, the composition naturalistic and the female figures depicted at their toilet appear more European.

Also to be exhibited will be a pair of exquisite copper panels by Angelica Kauffmann, R.A. (Graübunden 1741 – 1807 Rome) Presumed Self-Portrait in the guise of Poetry, in a white dress, holding a pen and paper and Portrait of a lady in a yellow shawl. The Colnaghi portraits date from Kauffmann's second period in Italy between 1781 and 1807. Kauffmann enjoyed the patronage of Grand-Duke Paul of Russia, and was offered, but declined, the position as court painter to King Ferdinand and Queen Caroline of Naples.

Kauffmann blurred the lines between self-portraiture and allegory with such mastery that it made her one of the most successful artists of her day. She developed a type of portrait in which she repeated the body pose, hand gestures and postures in which the sitter is turned looking out slightly, towards the viewer. Both of the Colnaghi portraits fit into this idiom and the portrait in the guise of poetry is likely to be a self-portrait. The other portrait is likely to be of an actual woman rather than the generic model seen in allegorical works, however the sitter’s identity currently remains elusive.

Colnaghi Drawings
The Old Master Drawings exhibited by Katrin Bellinger at Colnaghi include an elaborate Cartouche with the Medici Arms flanked by Justice and Wisdom from the sixteenth century by Bernardino Barbatelli, called Il Poccetti (San Mariano di Valdelsa 1548 – 1612 Florence). This drawing in chalk, ink and wash, could relate to a commission for decoration on a Medici coach, as a similar composition by Ludovico Cigoli now in the Biblioteca Marucelliana in Florence, does. The Poccetti drawing is from the Comte d’Outremont collection, bought in Tuscany in the eighteenth century, which had a large number of Poccetti drawings, some of which are now at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

A selection of decorative botanical watercolours have been taken from a collection of 51 magnificent watercolours, by Indian artists working in Calcutta in around 1800, which equal, or surpass, in quality and botanical accuracy much of the material held in public collections in the UK and America. The collection was formerly in the collection of Edward Stanley, 13th Earl of Derby (1775-1851) at Knowsley Hall, and highlights include a breathtaking image of the Gloriosa Lily, more commonly known as the ‘Flame Lily’ and the depiction of the Tamarind, whose pods are highly prized for international cuisine. These watercolours unusually depict the plant, in fruit, in flower and in leaf at the same time, in order to illustrate the potential of the plant a nineteenth-century botanist would be buying.
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Notes to Editors:

Colnaghi was established by Paul Colnaghi and his partner Anthony Torre in Paris in 1760. The original shop in Paris, known as the ‘Cabinet de Physique Experimental’, dealt in scientific instruments imported from England and they quickly branched out into print selling, importing English mezzotints and barometers. After managing a new shop in the Palais Royale, Paul Colnaghi took over the London branch of the business, based in Pall Mall in 1783, and as a result of the French Revolution transferred the business to London becoming print sellers to the Prince Regent (later George IV). Colnaghi established itself initially as the premier dealership for prints. By the end of the 19th century the firm had begun dealing in Old Master paintings and drawings and was instrumental in the formation of some of the most important American collections, including that of Isabella Stewart Gardener, Henry Clay Frick and Andrew Mellon. In 2002, the Old Master paintings dealer Konrad O. Bernheimer, the fourth generation of one of Europe’s major art dealing families, acquired Colnaghi. Under the Colnaghi umbrella, Bernheimer joined forces with the renowned Old Master drawings dealer Katrin Bellinger. In October 2006, Hauser & Wirth moved into 15 Old Bond Street to open their third London gallery – Hauser & Wirth at Colnaghi. Bernheimer and Bellinger continue to maintain a presence in Munich, Bernheimer Fine Old Masters, and Katrin Bellinger Kunsthandel. Colnaghi continues to operate as one of the world’s most important dealerships, specializing in Master paintings and drawings from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century.

Founded by Lehmann Bernheimer in 1864, Bernheimer Fine Old Masters dealt initially in textiles and oriental carpets, before expanding to include Italian Renaissance furniture, French antiques, tapestries, porcelain and objets d’art. By 1900 Bernheimer had become purveyors to the Court of Bavaria and its clientele included members of the European aristocracy and American magnates, such as William Randolph Hearst. Konrad O. Bernheimer, great grandson of Lehmann, is the current owner and chairman of Bernheimer Fine Old Masters. Under his direction, the gallery now specializes in Old Master paintings, although it has recently begun to hold exhibitions of photography.

In 2002 Katrin Bellinger joined forces with Konrad Bernheimer at Colnaghi, where she runs the Old Master Drawings department, an established area of expertise at Colnaghi, together with Dr Florian Haerb. Old Master Drawings exhibitions are held regularly at the Old Bond Street Galleries as well as other exhibitions of 19th century oil sketches, botanical watercolours and the work of living artists, including John Sergeant. In addition she continues to participate in the Salon du Dessin, Paris and the International Fine Arts Fair, New York. A selection of drawings is always on permanent view at the Old Bond Street premises, and she is regularly available for consultation and appraisals. Katrin Bellinger also maintains a presence in Munich assisted by Marten Grässle.

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