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Motorists dangerously distracted if trying to locate the noise while driving.

Drivers are putting their own and others lives at risk by searching for rattles and buzzes inside vehicles while on the road, according to an expert from Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

A survey commissioned by the makers of RattleBuster, a revolutionary new car tool designed to pinpoint irritating interior car noises, found that more than a third of motorists questioned have been distracted by sounds emanating from their cars tried to locate the problem while driving, and all but one of those admitted their attention was taken away from the road while they did so.

Now Kevin Clinton, a Road Safety Adviser for RoSPA, is warning motorists that they are at serious risk of accident when searching for the source of the mystery noise.

He said: “If they are searching for the source of the sound the driver is not giving the road their full attention and this could lead to any number of potentially fatal accidents.

“All it takes is a moment of distraction and you could seriously injure or kill yourself, another driver or pedestrian.

“It simply is not worth it. Ideally, the source of the problem should be found while the vehicle is stationary.”

Worryingly, one person questioned in the survey admitted that they had been in a traffic accident as a result of looking for a mystery rattle.

Stuart Wright, Director of RattleBuster said: “This is exactly why we created the product as I too nearly had a nasty accident as a result of searching for a rattle.” Stuart further commented: “It is incredibly dangerous to search for the source of the noise while driving.

“RattleBuster allows drivers to look for the cause of the problem while stationary before they take it to a professional to be fixed.

“It is a simple, safe and affordable solution to a problem which affects most of us at one point or another.”

A number of common factors can cause the noises, such as plastic trim panels expanding in the heat of the sun and rubbing against each other, loose interior fittings and badly-fitted after-market accessories such as stereos and phone kits are all common offenders.

It doesn’t matter if the car is new or old, expensive or inexpensive, drivers find it teeth-grindingly irritating to be forced to listen to a non-stop jarring noise.

Therefore it was no surprise that more than 98 per cent of respondents were interested in a product that assists them to find the source of the noise quickly and easily.

RattleBuster takes the form of an audio CD comprised of five “Vibration Simulating Power-Tones” (each four minutes in length) developed in a professional studio and comes complete with an easy to follow instruction manual.

Each tone mimics a different type of road vibration and is played in a stationary car with its engine off avoiding the traditional ‘Drive and try and stay alive’ approach.

The driver is then free to move around the vehicle enabling them to listen for and pin-point the rattle, vibration or dashboard buzz.

By adjusting the bass, volume and fade controls on your cars CD player, you are able to alter the exact amount of vibration generated, enabling many vibrations to be induced and located.

RattleBuster allows drivers to find the source of the problem before they take it to a professional to be fixed, thus avoiding the expensive hourly rates charged by garages today. Stuart concluded: “Forget £79 per hour + VAT - try £9.95 for RattleBuster!”

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