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Product Fact Sheet

Covonia provides a range of powerful and effective cough and cold remedies that you can actually feel working, giving it the reputation for the brand with CLOUT!

Formed over 60 years ago by a Yorkshire Chemist, Covonia has progressed to become the number two cough medicine in the UK and is the fastest growing major cough brand over the last 5 years. A trusted no-nonsense brand that provides value-for-money products, Covonia is designed to rapidly relieve the symptoms of a common cold.

Visit for more details and to identify what type of cough you’ve got.

• Over 9 million people battle with colds each winter
• Infants and pre-school children average between 4 and 8 colds a year
• There are over 200 cold viruses in circulation around the UK
• There are three main types of cough: Chesty, Dry and Tickly
• Common symptoms of a cold are a sore throat, blocked or runny nose and a cough

Covonia Cold and Flu Formula provides powerful relief for all the five main symptoms of colds and flu - aches & pains, headache, nasal congestion, dry tickly sore throat and a chesty cough. It is the strongest chesty-cough specific cold and flu remedy available in the UK without prescription and is priced £4.49 for 160ml.

New Covonia Catarrh Relief Formula is a unique liquid medicine developed to provide relief from catarrh and the only product that treats both the nose and throat. Catarrh is caused by the nose becoming inflamed and irritated causing the production of excess mucus. Catarrh is also a symptom when quitting cigarettes which results in a “smokers cough”. Non drowsy and priced at 3.99 for 100ml (20 doses)

New Covonia Dry & Tickly Cough Linctus for soothing relief of dry coughs has a demulcent effect which coats the throat, reducing the stimulation of nerve receptor sites. This stops a “cough signal” from being sent to the brain and so reduces the person’s urge to cough. Unlike most cough treatments Dry and Tickly Cough Linctus can be taken as regularly as needed. Priced 3.39 for 150ml.

Covonia Bronchial Balsam provides rapid impact relief from the discomfort of dry troublesome coughs and irritation in the throat. It is non drowsy and priced £3.29 for 150ml. It is the number one selling “pharmacy only” cough bottle in the UK.

Covonia Night Time Formula helps to control and calm dry coughs. It has a pleasant blackcurrant flavour and contains a sedating decongestant to help achieve a restful sleep. Priced £3.75 for 150ml, it is the number one selling night time cough treatment in UK pharmacies.

Covonia Mentholated Cough Mixture brings rapid relief from chesty coughs and sore throats. It is non drowsy and helps to relieve congestion. Priced £1.49 for 50ml, £3.29 for 150ml and £5.79 for 300ml.

Covonia Throat Spray the only dual action throat spray in the UK. Firstly a local anaesthetic numbs the pain and then an antibacterial/antiseptic kills bacteria in the throat. The spray nozzle directs the unique dual action formula direct to the point of pain to provide quick relief without numbing the tongue. Each spray bottle provides 100 doses and is priced £4.69.

Covonia Vapour Drops help to relieve nasal congestion and clear the head with a soothing lavender and peppermint scent. A couple of drops on a pillow or tissue will help you breathe easier and leave you feeling relaxed. Priced £2.39 for 15ml.

The Covonia range is available from all UK pharmacies and Supermarkets including Boots. Always read the label.

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