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HEALING RHYTHMS - The Christmas Gift For A Lifetime

For that stressed person in your life who can’t relax or unwind, Healing Rhythms is a Christmas gift that keeps on giving. This beautifully presented interactive whole-body wellness programme is the perfect present for people who need to reduce their stress and learn to relax. Healing Rhythms gives hours of relaxation and stress management guidance and interaction that have lifelong benefits.

Healing Rhythms comprises a 15-step guided programme with leading stress management and relaxation gurus - including Deepak Chopra and Dr Andrew Weil. They accompany you through a series of visually stunning scenes that you control. Soothing yet uplifting music brings all your senses to life and helps you relax and focus your mind and control your breathing and heart rate. Once you have reached a relaxed state the biofeedback* element comes into play – and you make things happen on the screen.

If you know someone who needs to relax but never quite makes it to the yoga class, can’t find the time to meditate or simply needs a little peace and clarity in their lives, then Healing Rhythms is a very valuable gift.

Expert Guidance

Prominent leaders in the field of health and wellness - including Deepak Chopra, Dean Ornish and Dr Andrew Weil - guide you on a journey inward to achieve relaxation and wellbeing. Their training introduction programme is easy to follow and quickly moves you on to over 30 joyous journeys through visually stunning scenes. The music and graphics are of such a superb quality they enable you to tune out external distractions and focus on yourself. Over this, the experts’ soothing, modulated voices draw you in and carry you along – as if they were in the room with you giving a personal consultation.

Active Relaxation

Healing Rhythms is an active way to relax and reduce stress – and it suits the majority of people who find it hard to ‘switch off’. People whose minds race and whose lives make them run at full tilt can find it practically impossible to suddenly stop and think of nothing or relax. Healing Rhythms requires you to think, concentrate, react and respond – it actively engages you. It’s the perfect tool for people who can’t sit down in a quiet room and switch off.

Biofeedback: relaxation at your fingertips

Healing Rhythms connects you to the on-screen activity via three Biofeedback* finger sensors that detect your heart rate, skin response (sweating, heat) and brain waves. As you relax and calm your body and mind, the signals picked up from your fingertips go to the screen where changes occur. The beauty of this is you actually see how your breathing pattern can bring about change.

For example, in one scene your aim is to build a beautiful staircase up to the sky. You see a tree – the Breathing Tree - that moves with the wind and as you breathe in time with its movements the staircase starts to build in front of your eyes. As this happens, your calm breath centres your body. You feel relaxed and joyous as your breath calms you and the staircase leading to the bright sky lifts your emotions.

In another scene you see three juggling balls lying on the ground. Your task is to lift and spin the balls in the air by taking deep, energizing breaths. The deeper you breathe, the more energy you create and the higher and wider the balls fly. Then, you lower them to their starting point by slowing your breath, relaxing your body and calming your mind. Moving from energy, to joy to calm, this task leaves you with a deep sense of peace.

How Long Do I Need?

It takes about 15 minutes to set up Healing Rhythms. Then you can spend as long as an hour or as little as 15 minutes with it. It’s recommended you spend at least 15 minutes, three times a week to gain the most benefit – that’s less than the time you may spend watching two episodes of your favourite soap opera or half a football match! Through regular practice and play, you’ll train your mind and body to react in a positive way. Healing Rhythms creates healthy and positive rhythms that last a lifetime

How To Buy

Healing Rhythms costs £165.00 at or call 01206 369 242.

To find out more or to book a 20 minute demonstration contact:

Katherine Selby, 0208 657 4422, OR
Michelle Redmond, 0208 288 0849,

* Biofeedback monitors your physical and emotional responses to stress by measuring your heart rate, skin conductance and breathing. Its feedback helps you learn to activate, balance, release and recover a state of well being.

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