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NEW BOOK/OCTOBER AUTHOR VISIT: Rules for Renegades – The Secrets of Success by a World Class Female Entrepreneur

How does a high school drop out, model and Buddhist monk become:

A five time CEO…
A Multi-millionaire…
Or called: “Super high bandwidth” (Bill Gates) “Fostering American Entrepreneurship (Bill Clinton) and one of the “Top Women in Computing” (Business Week)

From model to monk to multi-millionaire, Christine Comaford-Lynch has always gone after what she wanted. And, at every step of the way, she’s written her own rules. In Rules for Renagades (September 2007, McGraw-Hill, price £12.99), Christine shares her ten rules and entertaining life lessons as high school drop out, model, monk, venture capitalist and consultant to many of America’s top Fortune 1000 companies.

Rules for Renegades provides a creative and unconventional roadmap for building a fulfilling life whilst relishing your individual career. Whether you are (or want to be) an entrepreneur leading your own company or an “intrapreneur” within someone else’s, returning to the workforce or heading into it for the first time, Rules for Renegades reveals the secrets of Christine’s multi-million dollar success – and how her “GSD” (Get Stuff Done) philosophy works better than any business degree.

Christine Comaford-Lynch is a trailblazer. She created her incredible success without a college diploma and was a Buddhist monk for seven years before she broke her vows and got a bottom-rung job at Microsoft. At 27, she 'decided' to become a millionaire. She made $500,000 with her second business venture, $4 million on her third, $3 million on her fourth and just kept going. Now in her mid 40’s, Christine has returned from semi-retirement, having earned more than $10 million and directed a third of that to philanthropy. Along the way she has assisted 700 of the Fortune 1000 companies in the US and over 100 small businesses, created over 5,000 jobs and passed a bill in congress to increase small business funding. Today she consults and lectures around the world. These are the highlights.

Christine also recounts her outrageous mistakes and the hard-won wisdom she has gained as a serial entrepreneur. She candidly reveals how she gave away her personal power repeatedly to others, including Bill Gates, whom she dated, and how she fell in with a cult and almost lost her entire reputation and business. And she made not one, but two seven figure business mistakes.

Rules for Renegades reveals the unconventional secrets of Christine’s multi-million dollar success while revealing her great highs and extreme lows along the way. Learn life and business lessons from The White House, the early days of Microsoft, the boardrooms of corporations large and small, and Bill Gates’ home.

One of the most unusual and ingenious business books ever, Rules for Renegades is the story of a remarkable woman and a compelling approach to a life that breaks all the rules.

Christine will be available for media interviews/broadcast in London on 17th October (optional on 18th October also) – To book Christine for TV/Radio/face to face or telephone interviews during her UK visit, please contact Sue Blake Media on Tel: 0208 979 5220 or email


Rule 1: Everything’s an Illusion, So Pick One That’s Empowering

“Until you’ve learned to ignore your inner critic, your fears will feel like reality, not illusion. Anyone can fall into this trap. Act it until you ARE it. Act as if you know how to be a CEO, act as if you’ve already received the promotion when you pitch your boss for it; it will help you transcend the fear and self-doubt inherent in taking a career leap.”

Rule 2: Forget an MBA, Get a GSD

“Being successful has nothing to do with collecting the right pieces of paper from the right college. Sure, there is great benefit in a good education, but your GSD – your ability to “Get Stuff Done” – is what counts in the real world. It’s all about results.”

Rule 3: Problems + Pain = Profit

“The world is imperfect. That’s the good news. Every day new messes are created that require someone to come in and clean them up. Opportunities are all around you. Learn to listen to someone who’s in “business pain.” Diagnose that pain first. Then make sure the pain is perceived as a problem that needs a solution. People only pay to remove painful problems.”

Rule 4: Will You Date, Borrow, or Build Power?

“One thing that stuck with me from dating Bill Gates and Larry Ellison was their supreme confidence, their certainty that they’d achieve what they set out to do. Their ability to control their worlds, to influence outcomes – that’s what power came to mean to me. Power isn’t something that’s bestowed on a person due to wealth or position, it comes from that inner confidence. So many people seek power from association. They borrow power instead of build it for themselves. Are you borrowing power or building it? Here’s how to tell: if you feel challenged, if you feel like you’re growing and learning and stretching all day, if you are acquiring new skills, trying to be the best YOU possible, you’re building power.”

Rule 5: Rock Rejection and Finesse Failure

“If you fail, fail forward. Extract the lessons from the so-called failure. Find the upside of agony. Get something out of it! Then retrench to regain your strength and clarity. If you’re obsessing, start something positive like a new hobby, or do some volunteer work. Second, make a list of your great qualities. It sounds hokey, but understanding your strengths help you identify what to do next. Finally, throw a Rejection Party to start desensitizing yourself.”

Rule 6: Learn to Love Networking

“Don’t think in terms of connecting with people to get what you want. Think about how you can help them. Building emotional equity is more valuable and satisfying. The more you help people get what they want, the more they’ll help you. Have fun – host a Schmoozfest.”

Rule 7: Only You Can Lead Your Life

“When you’re with a real leader and you know he or she is being straight with you, you’ll follow that person through jungles rife with savage beasts. As a leader, hire people smarter than you. This takes guts. You will also need to constantly course-correct (both yourself and your team), foster collaboration, and be prepared to say it and then DO it.”

Rule 8: Work Your Money Mojo

“Whether you’re the CEO of a start-up raising money to fund your dream or an intrepreneur CEO lobbying for internal funding, CEO means Cash Extraction Officer. How much funding do you need? From whom? On what terms? Want to know how to get the most money from the best financiers on preferred terms? There’s a specific way to extract cash. You need to know it.”

Rule 9: Resign as General Manager of the Universe

“Whether you’ve discovered your gifts – and your gaps – early or late, you’ll want to have someone else to do the stuff you’re not good at. This is tough when you’re a control freak or are accustomed to being in charge, or when you think your way is the best way. But it’s the only way to avoid burnout.”

Rule 10: Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There

“To persevere in the face of overwhelming odds, you first need the inner strength that comes from knowing that no matter what happens, you’ll still have YOU. For this, you have to locate your unshakeable core, you have to decide what your boundaries are, what you will and won’t put up with, what your source of inner strength is.”


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