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Lego is most children’s favourite toy ever, according to a survey carried out by, the first and only free UK children’s wish list site, in time for the Christmas shopping period.

A massive 41% of respondents to the survey reported that Lego was one of the top 5 toys they ever got their kid/s. The responses – which also helped to collect – mentioned nearly 3,000 different toys, but Lego beat them all hands down, even the modern giants like Nintendo and Playstation, based on the criteria ‘best loved’ and ‘most played with’.

Best Toys Ever: Top 5

Lego (41% of respondents)
Monopoly (16% of respondents)
Barbie (15% of respondents)
Bikes (10% of respondents)
Football (9% of respondents)
The range of toys mentioned was extremely wide: from board games, through creative and artistic toys, construction toys, electronic, imaginative and role-play toys, to outdoor toys. And, while contemporary electronic toys like Nintendo, PS2, Playstation, Gameboy, Leapfrog and Vtech did very well overall, the very top scorers were Lego, Monopoly (three times as popular as the next ranking board game, Scrabble), Barbie (48% of all named dolls), Football (25% of outdoor/active toys mentioned), and bikes (21% of outdoor/active toys) – proving that the old favourites are still the most played with, according to parents.

Jane Manson, CEO, says “As we approach the run up to Christmas, this survey shows that the old classic toys are frequently the most successful, according to parents, in terms of being loved and played with a lot by children. They seem to have the longest life-span with children, who grow up with these toys and find different more sophisticated ways of playing with them as they get older. Modern toys have great appeal to kids, of course, but you wouldn’t go far wrong if you put Lego down on your gogoblin wish list this Christmas for your toddler!”

The toys were also put into categories by gogoblin, who found that, overall, the category of imaginative play came out on top (including all dolls and character toys, trains, cars, dressing up), with board and card games second, closely followed by construction toys. (Lists of top 5 in each category available.)

Gogoblin is the only site of its kind, enabling children to create lists of the specific toys and games they want for any special occasion, giving parents and friends some much needed guidance. They can either buy a present from the list, quickly and simply online, or they can use the list as a pointer as to what that child is into. Gogoblin also provides some great online shopping for the under 16s, and is extremely easy to use – even for grown-ups!

The site is also designed to help organise people who have a lot of kids to buy for: parents, grandparents, family and friends can view and manage all the wish lists of children they are buying for - nieces, nephews, friends’ children - and the important dates, in one place – Gogoblin's ‘to-do list’. So the site hopes to take the stress out of gift-giving for everyone – both the wishers and the givers.

Gogoblin supports the WorldVision charity, which works alongside communities in almost 100 countries in their struggle against poverty, hunger and injustice, irrespective of their religious beliefs. Every time you buy something online through Gogoblin, some of the small commission earned is passed on to WorldVision.


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Jane Manson: Gogoblin CEO and press contact

Mobile number: 07743 955665
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Notes to Editors:

Gogoblin is the first and only free UK children’s wish list site. And, whether you are giving or wishing, you can enjoy some of the best online shopping for the under 16s.

What the Press say about

The Times, July 2007

…”This site will save children’s loved ones from making the terrible mistake of giving them stuff they do not want.”

Travel and Leisure magazine, July 2007

“…It’s really quick, easy and good fun to make and keep a birthday list or any other useful gift lists here…the site looks great and is very user friendly..”

Webuser magazine, July 2007


…”The free site aims to stop parents, grandparents and other gift-givers from wasting their money on unwanted presents…”

Mother and Baby, September 2007

…”help your rellies find fresh inspiration by starting a wishlist on

My Child, September 2007

UK’s leading educational title for parents of 3-13 year olds is a unique new service which will ensure that you’re always up with the times when it comes to kids’ tastes in toys.”

Main findings of survey results

For a summary of the results, contact

Example wish list in

To view an example wish list, go to”and see the examples on the homepage.

To view an example To Do list, go to ‘Sign in’ and put the name: Mary, and the password marymary. The ‘To Do’ list for this example grandparent with 3 grandchildren will appear.

You can also view a child’s wish list by logging on as one of Mary’s grandchildren;

Name: Sam Password: samsam
Name: James Password: jamesjames
Name: Kirsty Password: kirstykirsty

Biography of Jane Manson – CEO Gogoblin”Jane, 43, is married to David and has three children: Harriet 15, Hugo 13 and Dora 8.

Jane studied Classics at Oxford University and then lived and worked overseas for 16 years, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Calcutta, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Sydney and Jordan . Her work has included teaching English, TV presenting, staging art exhibitions and running a very successful training consultancy in Hong Kong . She has also worked extensively fundraising for important charities around the world, including a charity for street children in Calcutta , a medical charity for the remotest parts of India , an orphanage in Hanoi, and World Vision, a relief and development organisation in Cambodia. World Vision is the charity supported by Gogoblin”.

Jane launched Gogoblin in February 2007. It is the first and only free children’s wish list site in the UK.

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