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Topical product for World Menopause Day, October 18, 2007

A completely natural supplement called VitalWoman is able to minimise the many unpleasant symptoms suffered by women going through the menopause.

• Soy-isoflavones in the formula act as true oestrogens in the body countering reducing levels of oestrogen which are responsible for menopausal miseries such as hot flushes, mood swings, vaginal dryness, sleep disturbances and the onset of osteoporosis.

• Microalgae Klamath helps to temper hot flushes and offset mood swings and depression. Its rich supply of minerals, fatty acids and amino acids are especially valuable for the production and regulation of hormones and brain function. And the presence of the enzyme nitrogenase helps to regulate capilliary blood flow, thus minimising hot flushes.

• Cimicifuga racemosa (Black Cohosh) inhibits hot flushes, cold sweats and sleep disturbances.

• Angelica archangelica also helps to regulate blood flow and balance the female hormonal system.

How to take VitalWoman

Take one capsule mid morning and one mid evening. If already taking HRT, gradually build up to this maintenance dose while gradually reducing the HRT dose.

Where to buy VitalWoman

Find it at or call the helpline 0870 609 1180.
A pot of 50 capsules costs £16.50.

Two case studies follow…

For more information, samples or an image please contact:
Katherine Selby on 0208 657 4422 or

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Two Case Studies Follow

Both ladies are available for further comment and interview

Contact Katherine Selby at PR Workshop on 0208 657 4422 or at if you wish to speak to either June or Sheila.

June Wilson, 49, multiple menopause miseries

June Wilson, 49, suffered from the typical and upsetting combination of menopause symptoms - excessive sweating, sleepless nights, restlessness, mood swings and roller-coaster emotions. These symptoms made life difficult and uncomfortable for June and prevented her having a ‘normal’ life. Within weeks of taking VitalWoman June felt the symptoms lessen. Gradually month after month she felt better until after four months on VitalWoman she felt really good and her menopausal symptoms were most definitely under control.

June says:

“The change was quite gradual but month on month I felt better and better. Now I’m so much more comfortable, I can cope again. VitalWoman has made my many menopause symptoms subside and I feel loads better. The fact it’s a natural and gentle way to stay on top of this change of my life is a huge bonus.”

Sheila Buckley, 58, excessive night sweats and hot flushes

Sheila suffered night sweats that were so bad she barely slept and her bed was soaked through night after night. During the day she also suffered with repeated hot flushes. Sheila tried HRT but didn’t fell at all well on it. She then switched to antihistamines to help her sleep but they weren’t able to rectify the underlying problem of the menopause miseries. Sheila wanted to try something natural and was recommended VitalWoman. Within days of taking this her night sweats abated and she only had occasional daytime hot flushes.

Sheila says:

Before VitalWoman I used to line my bed with bath towels to soak up the sweats and my hair would be dripping wet. I awoke several times each night and found it difficult to get comfortable. Each morning there’d be watermarks on the bedding - I was forever changing the sheets! My husband and I have always slept like spoons but night sweats made that impossible. Now, thanks to VitalWoman we can snuggle up again and sleep the night through.

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