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Coping with the stress of it all

If you are likely to be stressed and anxious at Christmas this year (and let’s face it who won’t be?!) you could try the combination St John’s Wort with Passionflower supplement from the end of November into the New Year.

St John’s Wort with Passionflower will take care of promoting the sunny side of your thoughts and feelings again. And as Passionflower is fast acting, it bridges the time the effect St John’s Wort needs to become noticeable.

St John’s Wort is renowned for its effectiveness in treating mild depression but patients are advised it can take up to six weeks to take full effect. Passionflower is known to ease anxiety quickly. Clinical trials conclude that the combination of these two herbs in this synergistic supplement brings about a reduction in BOTH depression and anxiety in two to four weeks.

St John’s Wort with Passionflower is available in capsules: a month’s supply costs around £10 from

Eat what you want despite a gluten intolerance

Christmas can be a miserable time for people with a gluten sensitivity – having to avoid all that rich food and be constantly mindful of what they eat. However help is at hand. Gluten intolerant people could find relief by taking Immunecare Glutenase Plus – a new, natural, enzyme-based supplement that breaks down gluten into more easily digested gliadin and glutenin and then into amino acids.
By breaking the gluten down like this, the body is encouraged to take up gluten before it irritates the small bowel therefore avoiding the discomfort that goes with gluten intolerance.

Immunecare Glutenase Plus is online at or call 0870 774 7008 for more advice. 90 capsules cost £19.99.

The morning after the night before

Christmas parties, alcohol, rich food and late nights can all take their toll on your digestive system which can lead to fatigue and a sluggish system. Perk yourself up with Floracare, a gentle and effective way to restore intestinal balance. Just mix two of the sachets with mineral water and take once in the morning and once at night. This introduces favourable bacteria and vitamins to the gut and intestines which, in turn, help to redress a healthy balance after disruption from excess alcohol and rich food. It’s also a useful supplement following a course of antibiotics or illness.

Available at good health food stores or by calling 0870 366 5729. Floracare costs £14.95 for 16 sachets

Banish colds and sniffles so they don’t spoil your Christmas

Don’t let a cold cause you grief at Christmas – make sure you have Antiseptine in your medical cupboard
This blend of herbal extracts with Vitamin C and propolis will help fight your cold both topically and throughout the body to build immunity and resistance so helping you repel viral infection and stop re-infection.
Take Antiseptine at the onset of a cold to boost your body’s nutrition and help you get rid of the cold more quickly.
Available in packs of 40 capsules for £5.65. It’s widely available in health food shops and Revital stores nationwide.

Need to get into that LBD?

AppleSlim Xtra could help you lose those extra pounds. It combines apple vinegar and essential vitamins that are important for the release of energy from food, and minerals, such as antioxidant selenium and chromium. Apple vinegar extract is thought to help digestion and metabolism in the body so can make you less hungry. Chromium helps prevent cravings while Selenium increases energy levels when slimming. It is a safe and balanced aid to a slimming and exercise programme.

Take one capsule a day with a large glass of water, 30 minutes before your main meal.

Bional Appleslim Xtra - £5.99 for 40 capsules Call 0870 366 5729 for your nearest stockist or order online at www.revital .com

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