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Literally fire your child’s imagination beyond their dreams with the interactive Story Blanket. The richly designed cover turns to a light and sound show at the press of a button. This activates a themed soundtrack and bubbles of shimmering lights as 133 miniature LEDs flicker beneath the cover….

As the Story Blanket comes to life it takes your child on a journey of imagination, curiosity and entertainment. For two minutes the theme sound track and bubbling lights draw them into another world: then the sound and light gently fade and dissolve as your little one drifts…. to…. sleep…..

There are four Story Blankets to choose from:

‘Space’ takes you into far flung galaxies where sounds, bleeps, engines and rockets can be heard as you fly through the night sky.

‘I touch the button and I’m away, in my own space ship joining in – I can just imagine being there travelling through space all lit up too’ – Toby, 10.

‘Heroes’ are not for the fainthearted: you’ll be drawn into the emergency services’ sirens, hear their banter on the walkie talkies and the roar of the engines.

‘Kitty’ is playful as the little kitties tumble and slide through the hearts and bubbles, purring against the backdrop of the familiar Sugar Plum Fairy ballet music.

‘I’m dancing with the kittens in my arms: I know the steps and I carry them round and round. I know they like it because they are purring!’ Isobel, 7.

‘Princesses’ takes you into the summer sun and fun with the sound of chirping crickets, tinkling laughter and a regal, musical serenade.

From Story to Sleep

Story Blanket provides an imaginative ‘stepping stone’ from a bedtime story with Mum or Dad to sleepy time. Children adore the time with their blankets after Mum or Dad have left the room, story time is over and they’re soon to drift off to sleep into a world of lights, bubbles, adventures and dreams.

Not ‘Just’ a Duvet

Story blanket is a comforter, duvet cover, toy and friend to children. They connect with it at a very personal level: you’ll have to wash it while they’re at school!

What Age Is It For?

Children aged 4-12 are mostly likely to enjoy Story Blanket. Very young ones find it comforting: we hear many stories of youngsters who wouldn’t stay in their own bed or room until they had Story Blanket there. Around the age of six and seven children have their imagination fired up – especially if they’re had a conventional story with Mum or Dad beforehand. From 10 upwards you may think they’re too old for Story Blanket: our experience shows not. It’s a wonderful escape from the ‘real’ world of computers, school work, football and exams. Let them play – we’ve found teenagers ‘borrowing’ little brothers’ and sisters’ Story Blankets just ‘to chill’.

How Does It Work?

At the bottom of the duvet is a plastic tube into which three ‘D’ size batteries are inserted. All your child needs to do is press the button which can be found under the icon on the cover. It is recommended to put a cotton sheet under the story blanket for extra comfort. Rest assured the poly-satin is fire resistant and the entire blanket meets all the safety regulations.

Can I Wash Story Blanket?

You can put the cover through a cool machine wash. The duvet itself should be spot washed but not immersed in water.

How Do I Buy Story Blanket?

Each story blanket comes beautifully protected and curled up in a colourful plastic tube and costs £119.00 including postage and packing within the UK from Matching pillow cases cost £14.99.

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