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If most mornings you wake up looking like a monster, and a Halloween mask could become an improvement for you. Solgar Vitamin and Herb have compiled a list of their top nutrition tips to help banish the beast from you.

White as a ghost

A diet low in fruit and vegetables can lead to a pale complexion. Vitamin A, C, E and Iron are all essential and needed from the diet. Skin can loose a healthy glow if you’re not eating very well. Add to that the indulgent lifestyle with too many late nights can all leave you looking more ghoulish than a trick or treater.
Iron is commonly found in animal products such as beef and lamb, but is also present in veggie sources like dried fruit, nuts, seeds and fortified breakfast cereals. Did you know that adding a glass of vitamin C-rich orange juice will dramatically increase the absorption of iron from food! If you think you may be lacking iron check with your GP for an accurate test. You may wish to supplement with a daily Gentle Iron supplement by Solgar Vitamin and Herb £8.78 or Solgar’s VM2000 Multinutrient contains all your essential vitamins and minerals, including 10mg of Iron.

Bloodshot Eyes

Are a common symptom of eye strain (such as from spending all day in front on a computer). Vitamin A is particularly supportive for overall eye health and can be derived from, milk, liver, yellow-orange fruits and vegetables such as pumpkin and sweet potato. Try making a healthy, great tasting pumpkin risotto or pumpkin and sweet potato soup. Other common causes of spooky eyes include fatigue, excessive alcohol intake or a deficiency of B Vitamins. Try Solgar Omniumn Advanced Phytonutrient-Rich Multivitamin and Mineral formula £17.89 is high in antioxidants, carotenoids and amino acids, that will help you take a healthier view on life.

A bad smell is lingering all around you!

Flatulence, bloating and constipation? These are all signs of poor digestive health and may also mean you’re not absorbing all the nutrients from your food. Additionally a diet high in refined foods such as white rice, pasta, biscuits and crisps can cause your bowels to become congested. Including more fruit and vegetables, wholemeal bread, pasta and brown rice into your diet will increase your fibre intake which can regulate your bowels. Stressed out? Remember what you were told - sit down and eat your food properly! This really does help you digest food better. A supplement of probiotics and digestive enzymes may also support a poor digestion and help minimise flatulence. Solgar Advanced Acidophilus Plus £8.55 and Digestive Enzymes £9.95

Dragon Breath is more than just a Halloween extra

A common cause of bad breath is simply dehydration. Less fluid results in less saliva in the mouth which allows bacteria to multiply and cause bad breath. For optimal health between 1.5-2 litres of water intake daily is recommended. Another cause is a lack of stomach acid. This may cause poor digestion, so undigested food passes into the intestines, ferments and give off foul gas which rises up and causes bad breath. Try Solgar CARICOL a natural organic, tree ripened papaya puree that can be taken daily, straight from the pack or mixed easily in juice, yoghurt or water. The natural enzymes in papaya help to break down foods efficiently to promote healthy bowels and balance acid. CARICOL £14.99 for 20 stick packs.

Bad Tempered Witch

Anyone who extends to this persona too much outside dancing around the cauldron, should consider cutting back on refined sugars, excess caffeine and avoid skipping meals, as both of these sins can leave you growling all the way home. Eating some mood boosting foods can help to alleviate stress and anxiety. Mood elevating foods include oily fish such as salmon and tuna (sushi is a great lunch or dinner) which are rich in essential fats, plus add protein foods including with meals or snacks turkey, cottage cheese and nuts which boost the ‘happy’ hormone serotonin. Stress and burning and candle at both ends can also contribute to this problem. Green tea should be drunk rather than coffee as it has high levels of L-theanine, a natural occurring amino acid found helps calm and focus the mind. Omega 3, 6, 9 capsules £17.95 a complete balance of fish, flax and borage oil can be supplemented. L-theanine can be taken in capsule form away from food and works effectively within 40 minutes to improve anxiety and tension £25.85.

Night of the Living Dead!

Don’t let your daily grind ruin your Halloween celebrations. Long hours and stressful careers can leave you feeling drained and too exhausted to socialise. Try to eat your healthy diet and include Coenzyme Q10 an essential nutrient for energy production. From the age of 30 onwards our levels of energy decline, resurrect the youth in you so you cackle and howl the night away! Solgar Nutri Nano CoenzymeQ10 is a great energy saver - advanced, innovative and highly absorbable £28.75 for 50 capsules. You can also include a B-Complex supplement for support, Solgar Megasorb Vitamin B-Complex 50 tablets £11.69

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