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We’re looking for groups of people in the UK to take part in the “Wu 4u Challenge”. Just Drink 3 cups of Wu Long Tea every day for six weeks, and monitor the benefits. You may be a group in an office, a social club, a health or diet club, or just a group friends who want to take part.

Never heard of Wu Long Tea? A passage from our recent press release is at the bottom of this email.

Please forward this email to your contact list so that we have the best chance of finding people who want to take part. You may not know people yourself, but your friends and relatives might. If everyone who receives this forwards it on to at least five people we should be able to get enough of a “buzz” going to make this a success.

If you are interested in joining the challenge please send your contact details to with the words ‘Wu 4u Challenge’ in the title.

All we need is groups of people (at least six in a group) who would like these benefits from Wu Long Tea:

- Lose Weight
- Feel more energetic
- See the benefit of clearer skin.

There’s also evidence that Wu Long Tea can help reduce bad cholesterol, and this is one of the things we’d like to test further during the challenge. (Don't worry, that part's optional)

There’s still time to have an impact before the Christmas party season. Just imagine how good you’ll feel in that party dress!

And remember, if you’re not interested in this yourself – please pass this on to your friends, colleagues and family, so that we can find people who want to give it a go.

There’s also the opportunity to enter a draw to win a free luxury health spa break. Just visit the bottom of our home page at no purchase required.

There’s one last important reason why you should forward this to your friends. When sales of Wu Long Tea are made, as a result of people coming to the web site through this special link we’re going to donate 20% of all the profits we make to a charity chosen by the most successful team in the Wu4u Challenge. We’ll publish the figure so that you know how we’ve done.

Happy Tea Drinking

Jayne Harvey
Wu 4u

PS. If you have any problem accessing by clicking on the link, please copy it directly into the ‘address’ area in your web browser.

PPS. Here’s that press release I mentioned

Drink Tea. Lose Weight!

At last you can shed pounds just by having a cuppa

Wu Long Tea is the weight loss phenomenon that’s been causing a ‘stir’ in the USA and now it looks set to be very big news over here. The tea, which burns calories and increases metabolism, is used by Hollywood actresses and has recently been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Weight loss made easy

Drinkers of Wu Long tea report weight loss without strict dieting and experience a reduction in appetite as well as an increase in energy levels. Most often they report that the lethargic feeling they used to suffer from has gone away.

Burns up to 2.5 times more calories than Japanese Green Tea

Of course it’s long been understood that tea can be part of a healthy lifestyle, so what’s different about Wu Long tea? Wu Long is from the Fujian province in South East China. It’s been cultivated for hundreds of years and is truly a craft on par with wine making. It’s special production process means that it burns up to 2.5 times more calories than Japanese Green Tea.

Anti-Aging: Improve Your Complexion

In addition to the weight loss benefits, Wu Long Tea can also have other health benefits including a brighter, clearer complexion, the strengthening of teeth, reduction in bad cholesterol and the lowering of the protein levels that are present in Coronary Artery disease and Diabetes.

Test have also proven that people who consumed Wu Long tea were found to have a stronger immune system and a significantly lower risk for infections such as the common cold

Too good to be true?

Joanne from Manchester started using the tea in May of this year and without making any other changes to her lifestyle lost over two stone (28 pounds) in just 16 weeks.

Joanne, “ I desperately wanted to lose weight for a wedding in the summer and had tried so many different methods. Some of which worked but really required a significant change to my normal routine that I struggled to maintain.

When I first heard about Wu Long Tea I really felt that it sounded too good to be true! I ordered my first batch and was pleasantly surprised at how nice the tea tasted. I also noticed that my appetite reduced and my energy levels increased. I started to notice my weight steadily decline. I now drink Wu Long Tea regularly and recommend it to all my friends!”

Win a Luxury Health Spa Break

Take a look at the wu4u website, register before the end of October and you could win a UK Luxury Health Spa Break. Go on-line to register for the competition and find out more about Wu Long Tea at

Starting Losing Weight Now!

Since launching the product at, the demand for the tea has been soaring. Go online today ( and order your slimming tea and start the Wu Long Weight Loss campaign now. You won’t look back!

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