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ATTENTION EDITORS: Urgent Christmas feature opportunity

Managing Director to give away first 50 director positions FREE


My name is Bradley Chapman Managing Director and founder of Million Impossible PLC. I am pleased to introduce my new company to you as I feel that it would make a great editorial feature for coming Christmas edition publication.

With the recent interest in such programmes as Dragons Den, The Apprentice and Tycoon I have formed Million Impossible PLC- . I am pleased to announce that we intend to launch the business during November 2007 to the UK public.
We intend to create the largest entrepreneur community that the UK and the World has ever seen. People investing in people investing in people. PLEASE READ ON.

The business is totally unique in that one we are intending to break a UK and world record for the highest amount of serving statutory directors for any UK Ltd/ Plc company in the UK then go on to break a global record. Not only that anyone can join our PLC as a listed companies house statutory director and gain exposure, knowledge and the feeling of being in business for themselves.

Every day people dream of going into business for them selves whether it is a college student, university graduate studying a business degree an employee or even a retiree who wishes to start his/ her own business. We all encourage entrepreneurial spirit but we cannot always find the best environment to grow and develop our commercial skills safely with the knowledge that someone is behind you supporting you and guiding you through the at times challenging process in becoming successful.

We all dream of receiving the most amazing Xmas present and we search all day to find the perfect gift for our families, friends and colleagues. What if you could buy the perfect Xmas gifts for your children, your father, your mother, your uncle your best friend or just plainly for yourself?

What if you have always dreamed that you, your parents, your children or your friends would go into business for themselves and just needed that nudge or that level of confidence that could place them into an arena where you truly could make your dream a reality?
What if you could become a director of a PLC that has plans to float in three years?

What if you were part of the decision making process in what businesses we invest in?

What if your CV said Director of Million Impossible PLC?

What if a £299 investment turned into thousands of pounds and you were part of the process that helped grow the company?

What if you wanted to start a business and you could learn and take advice form a thousand people with we invested in your dream?

Myself and my board of directors are offering the UK public just that chance. Million Impossible PLC are offering directorships with shareholdings COMPLETLY FREE for the first 50 applicant’s:-directors/members who join our PLC after launch.

• Launch web site on or round 29th October 2007.

• Sell membership/ directorship to UK public and businesses

• Break UK record for highest amount of stat directors. They have written a program for me to monitor the top 5 companies which we will track in order to claim the record. We are aiming for 1000+ Directors

• Each B director will receive shares in the PLC. Price is free for first 50 people. Sell price will £499. We will offer directorships at a reduced price of £299 initially (after the first 50 have been given away).

• Sell as many shares and raise capital to circa £250-£1million+ over given period then invest in seed capital start up businesses

• Gain VC interest from day one with business model investment requests determining factor. Pre IPO funding end year 1 or sooner if the model generates the interest and initial investment levels required for B class directors. Sell the business or float in year 3 with all directors returning a healthy profit on their investment.

Why will people come on board and what will they get for their money

1. New members/ directors will be buying shares in a newly formed PLC- investment in itself

2. Become a company director they may already be one or never before served as stat director

3. Each person will be listed on the meet/ talk to the directors page with their own email address and IM Instant messenger address. Their key field experience will be listed in brackets on the page EG (CONSTRUCTION)

4. The B directors can talk directly to or instant message and ask questions to you/ other A and B directors about specific business needs/ advice/ experience you are successful. I’m hoping that large Organisations will get someone online to mentor budding entrepreneurs. The ones who do it may feel a moral responsibility especially if they are investors in people... or talk about encouragement and training in their internal mission statements.

5. They should find a business mentor or a number of mentors to advise and guide business growth

6. Remember even someone with no business experience can still teach someone that is highly skilled or qualified, something new.

7. Strength in numbers- no one should walk alone.... help each other and remember to give something back.

8. Class A board directors will be online. I will be online for an hour each day at 7pm to 8pm to field enquiries or advise relevant person to speak to within the site. Each A class director should receive a high profile from the media.

9. Once a B class director joins he can also apply for investment from us. And all the invest requests appear on the investments page with brief synopsis of the business and CF and PL . We close off at the end of each month and all B class directors can vote bronze silver and gold (I am trying to get Fatima Whitbread to become an ambassador for Mi PLC). The gold votes go through to the board and we choose two each month (subject to funds we have) and invest in one after due diligence and risk assessment etc

10. There is an entrepreneur forum separate from the director’s page where entrepreneurs can create threads/ topics etc.

11. The company we invest in receives a profile on home page and press alerted. We look to take circa 25-40% stake with 1,2 or 3 year exit. Debenture, fixed and floating charge etc.

12. We also give every B director a full page on our advertising site which public can view where his/her business is advertised. They get a link to their own site and a summary of their business. If we get the hits it will result in increased personal business enquiries.

13. Anyone who wants to break in to business either from student to retiring person starting up their own business can experience and participate and feel what it is like to be a director

14. A personal CV will be impressive advising individual is a stat director of Million Impossible PLC
Parents and children can buy the director ship for their friends and family and I hope to make it this year’s ultimate xmas gift.

15. We will be launching Million Impossible magazine paid for ABC publication as we will already have a client base resource from our B class company directors. A simple add on with high net profit opportunity circa £100k per month revenue with healthy bottom line

16. Reasons to join - Prestige, exposure, pride, networking with other businesses to promote their own business, investment, learning about business, seeking a job, mentoring, tutoring, sharing life experiences, ROI pre floatation, seeking investment, joining the UK record breaking attempt, purchasing power, buying discounts, cash-flow planning and advice, taxation, legal solicitor, contract law, HR, sales training, retail branding, corporate branding, web design, insurance, vehicles leasing, commercial mortgages, seed equity, VC funding, radio and advertising, media buying, confidence building, business analysts, market research, banking and financial institutions, computers and IT, network and cabling, pat testing, stationary supplies,

17. All directors at B level will be rated on the advice that they give.

18. We will launch Million Impossible Magazines and Million Impossible entrepreneur seminars within 3- 4 moths of going live.

Synopsis- by creating a one stop shop for entrepreneurs to meet and greet other people with the intentions of moving their business forward and by using strength in numbers creates a powerful entrepreneur community- hence “STRENGTH IN NUMBERS”.
IF YOU PURCHSE BRITISH GAS shares you hand your money over and then hope that the company return a healthy increase from your original share purchase price. With Million Impossible Plc you can actually help the business grow and deliver a profit margin by helping others in turn helping yourself and the more people that get a benefit from the site the greater the numbers will grow in terms of directors joining the Plc and with it the funds in use will grow significantly- allowing the board to invest in sound, commercially viable business opportunities.

Does every business truly have all the answers? NO

Can everybody teach somebody else something new today? YES

Do human beings in general get a level of satisfaction in helping people? YES

Are businessmen/women more inclined to help someone if they know it will increase their ROI? YES

Are their any other business/ company that are doing, achieving or have created what we are about to do? NO

Is there a global opportunity? YES I HAVE ALREADY BOUGHT WWW.BILLIONIMPOSSIBLE.COM for the USA market

I look forward to hearing from you. Should you require any further information with respect t the company or indeed arrange an interview, please feel free to contact me:

Yours Faithfully

Bradley Chapman
Managing Director
Mobile: 07812115970

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