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Max & Milly know that regular grooming is essential for all dogs, even short-coated ones. Not only does it keep your pet’s coat healthy, but is also a great way to bond with your dog. That’s why Max & Milly’s dog grooming range has been specially formulated to deal with every kind of coat and condition.

Britain’s Pet Charity, The Blue Cross, recommends grooming your dog for 15-30 minutes weekly to help to reduce the amount of hair-shed in your house. Long-haired breeds need grooming more frequently and it’s a good idea to start grooming when your dog is young so that your dog gets used to the idea as a puppy.

Here are their top tips for washing your dog’s coat:

- Dogs with normal, healthy coats only need bathing every few months.

- Brush your dog thoroughly beforehand. Clip off any matted hair first as this is harder to remove once the coat is wet. Be careful not to cut your dog’s skin.

- Do not apply protective eye ointments – these may trap shampoo in the eye and make it difficult to rinse out.

- Avoid getting water in your dog’s ears – place some cotton wool in each ear if necessary.

- Wet the coat first with warm water then apply shampoo along the neck and back – you can dilute 1 part shampoo to 5 parts water first for easier rinsing. Use more water to create a lather then work this gently into the coat with your fingers – or a rubber brush for longer-haired breeds.

- Wash your dog’s face carefully whilst avoiding getting shampoo in the eyes.

- Only use medicated shampoos if they are prescribed by your vet.

- Rinsing must be thorough, getting right down to the skin, as any remaining shampoo can cause irritation. If you bathe your pet frequently, consider using a coat conditioner.

- Towel-dry your dog and keep the animal warm until their coat is properly dry. Brush medium and long-haired animals gently while damp. Hairdryers can dry out or irritate an animal’s skin – their use is probably best avoided.

Editor’s notes:

The Blue Cross is Britain’s Pet Charity, which provides practical support, information and advice for pet and horse owners. Visit their website at

As well as an unrivalled range of quality grooming products, Max & Milly offer an enviable range of accessories including handmade collars, leashes, crafted dog bowls and beds and grooming accessories.

Grooming products start from £12.50
Accessories start from £16.00
Pampering Spa Packs start from £42.00

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