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Tech Deals is introducing the latest fab and funky wrist-wear designs from Tokyo Flash into the UK this month. These cyber-timepieces are sure to be a huge hit with the gadget-mad, sci-fi fans and techno-geeks this year.

These exclusive designer Japanese Watches feature some of the most creative and unusual ways of telling the time imaginable, with methods ranging from the sublime to the darn right mind-bending.

Presently only retailed in selected outlets in Japan, this distinctively masculine wrist-wear includes designs in styles and colours to fit every occasion, without breaking the bank. Tech Deals will be stocking the latest, most unusual, best selling, limited edition and highly fashionable styles to suit all tastes.

Each timepiece is crafted to finest standards of Japanese electronics using ground breaking LED (light emitting diode) technology; see following product overviews for further information.

About Tech Deals:
Launched early in 2007 with a global perspective on the gadget and consumer electronic industry, Tech Deals has quickly expanded their portfolio to include some of the most sought after brands in the far east including the famous Tokyo Flash range of designer wrist-wear.
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Notes to Editors:
We have only limited review samples available (one of each luscious design). Should you like to review one for your publication please fill in the sample request form posted on the press assets pages, clearly stating your first and second choice and we will do our best to organise this for you.
Product scans are posted on the press assets pages for easy download along with the release and additional specification information. If you require any further information or would like an interview with a Tokyo Flash spokesperson please contact the press office. Press assets pages can be accessed on the following link:

Contact Information

Press Enquiries
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Danielle Schofield
T: +44 (0) 845 8338 292
F: +44 (0) 117 9625 992

Sales Enquiries
Tech Deals UK
T: +44 (0) 208 960 6655

Overview of the Tokyo Flash Styles Available

The Twelve- 5-9 Range

Realising that any time can be displayed with a combination of 12 (for the hours), 5 (tens of minutes) and 9 (single minutes) LEDs, the designers at Tokyo Flash have based a number of designs on this cleaver idea.

The B Version:
This design derives its name from the unique way it tells the time through three stylish LED dial displays, two horizontal bars and one disc. LEDs in the disc point to the Hours, whilst the bars provide the tens of minutes and single minutes. Each watch is easily readable and provides the wearer with more than a spark of individuality and a great alternative wristband!
Incorporating a chunky, stitched black leather strap combined with a matt black ion plated case, the design is available with a choice of Blue, Orange or White LED display, clearly visible through acrylic glass. It fits wrist sizes up to 195mm and weighs just 60g.
For further information please see the following link:

The C Version:
Taking the Twelve 5-9 concept one step further the square and solid C version features three single LED columns that are surprisingly easy to read.
It is set in a black or silver metallic ion plated brushed brass case with a traditional black leather wrist strap. This watch also features an acrylic glass face with red, blue or green display, and will fit wrist sizes up to 210cm, with a weight of 140g.

The G Version:
The G version displays the 12-5-9 concept clearly, with blocks of LEDs grouped to display the hours, tens of minutes and single minutes cryptically providing the time in abacus fashion.
Weighing only 70g and fitting wrist sizes up to 220cm the G version features an ion plated burnished brass case; leather strap and mineral glass face providing a classic look - simple, sharp and unique. LED display colour options available include green, red and blue.
See following link for further information:

The L Version
Where the G version is classic in style the L version brings the same 'block setting' reading method with an oriental twist. It's a real enigmatic mindbender, even the numbers are reversed in Japanese style.
For wrist sizes up to 210cm weighing 130g and again sporting a IP burnished brass case this watch is matched with a stainless steel strap, mineral glass face and coming in a choice of purest white or crystal blue. This split design really stands out as an unusual creation as the watch looks like two halves joined together.
See following link for further information:

The Barcode Range

The Barcode model provides the time like the traditional abacus, with each 'bead' on the bar representing 5 or 10 units from the previous. The user simply adds them together to come up with the correct time.
A sleek and futuristic design, Barcode features an IP coated brass case, stainless steel strap, mineral glass cover and light-up feature* see pimp range for full information on this. Strap choice is black or steel and fits wrist size up to 215cm and weighing in at 140g this popular model sports several choices for the display LEDs including white, blue and multi.
For additional information please see the following link:

The Pimp Ranges

Both the main Pimp ranges include a 'light-up' feature that causes the watch to light-up in a random pattern between the hours of 6.00pm and 1.00pm even if you aren't checking the time every few minutes.

Pimp'n aint easy (P2):
Now the established choice of wrist-wear in the flashy nightclubs of Tokyo the Pimp range provides a crystal glass display through which the nearly neon LED bars can be clearly seen on continuous display, powered for long-life by a CR2032 battery.
Coming in a selection of colours including orange and blue with either a steel or black strap. These watches are presented in a stainless steel case weighing in at 130g and fit a maximum wrist size of 210 cm.
See following link for further information:

The Pimp Star Performer (P3):
Based on the Tokyo Flash highly successful Pimp range the Star-Performer flashes mesmerisingly before displaying the time by illuminating the corresponding sequence of numbers.
Again this unit comes with a stainless steel strap in optional steel or black, mineral crystal glass display fits wrist size up to 210cm and weights 130g. Colour choices for the display include orange, white, blue and multi.
For further information please see the following link:

Retsu range

Perhaps the most feminine of the Tokyo Flash offering, the svelte case set on a soft suede strap sporting a simple single column of pure colour make this minimalist design something essential for true gadget-girls.
Clasping up to 230mm wrist size and coming in a choice of green, blue or pure white LEDs displayed through mineral crystal glass with either steel or black IP coated brass casing this petit wrist wear weighs a mere 40g, making it the smallest LED watch in the world.
For additional information please see the following link:


The future is here and it's the zero-g corkscrew timekeeper, which unique styling makes it an understated and enigmatic, retro timepiece. Clasping up to 210cm wrist width and at 60g you will hardly feel the weight of this ion plated brass case, stainless steel strap and mineral glass face and understated LCD display.
See following link for further information:

Additional Technical Information

Ion Plating:
Ion plating, also known as Ip plating, is a physical vapor deposition technique to form metal coatings on metals and alloys. Using this process, the specimen to be coated and the growing film are subjected to a continuous or periodic bombardment by flux of ionized particles.
The specimen to be coated is placed in an inert gas (often argon), together with some coating material. Next, a certain heating temperature and a low-voltage arc is applied to evaporate the metallic component of the coating material. The ionized particles are accelerated to a high energy, and the coating is formed due to the bombardment of these accelerated particles, reaching the specimen to be coated.
The biggest difference between ion plating and sputter deposition is the way of creating the ionized particles. Instead of evaporation by a low-voltage arc, in sputtering the metal ions are removed from a metal plate by bombardment with argon ions. The concept and application of ion plating was first reported by Donald M. Mattox in 1964. Additional information:

LED Technology:
A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor diode that emits incoherent narrow-spectrum light when electrically biased in the forward direction of the p-n junction. This effect is a form of electroluminescence.
An LED is usually a small area source, often with extra optics added to the chip that shapes its radiation pattern. The colour of the emitted light depends on the composition and condition of the semiconducting material used, and can be infrared, visible, or near-ultraviolet.

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