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A new study which found prebiotics can help combat childhood obesity was today welcomed by Works With Water.

Research from the US has found that a daily supplement of prebiotics can help adolescents maintain an appropriate body weight by regulating the appetite and reducing energy intake.

Teenage and childhood obesity is a growing problem in the UK, with one million obese children under the age of 16.

Works With Water, which recently launched Little Squirts prebiotic spring water clinically proven to aid children’s digestive system, said the new research was further evidence of the health benefits of prebiotic products.

Jules Birch, managing director, said: “We have been aware of the digestive benefits of prebiotics for some time, but this is the first hard evidence that it can also help combat weight gain.

“Childhood obesity is a growing problem in the UK and often the problem is caused by digestive problems.

“Prebiotic products such as Little Squirts aid the digestive system by stimulating the good bacteria in the intestinal flora that perform functions that are essential for our health.”

Researchers from the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas recruited 97 healthy, non-obese adolescents with an average age of 11 and assigned them to receive daily supplements of prebiotics or a placebo for one year.

They found that the increment in BMI, body weight and body fat mass was much lower in the prebiotic group compared to those receiving the placebo.

The research adds to the growing body of science on the health benefits of prebiotics, ranging from boosting bone health and reducing the risk of colorectal cancer, to potential health benefits for the immune system, weight management and intestinal health.

Glenn Gibson, professor of food microbiology at the University of Reading, is one the UK’s leading advocates of prebiotics.

He said: “This is another important study that shows the value of prebiotics for health and wellbeing. Until now, most focus has been around gastrointestinal ailments but this work shows that there is much interest and potential for other important public health issues."


Notes to Editors:

• The Works with Water range was launched in 2006 by founder Jules Birch and is now sold in selected stores of Tesco, Morrisons, Booths and Julian Graves.

• All the waters in the range are preservative-free, naturally flavoured, sugar free, only two calories per 500ml serving and suitable for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics and coeliacs.

• There are currently three spring waters for adults, plus three developed especially for children in the Little Squirts range, which each give different health benefits.

- Delicate Balance – perfect for women who want to feel beautiful inside and out. Naturally flavoured with cranberry and lime it contains prebiotic fibre to ensure optimum digestive health, taking care of the gut and enhancing the good bacteria.

- Water of Life – naturally flavoured with rhubarb and strawberry, it contains a rich source of fibre, helping feed the micro flora in the gut and stimulating transit for a healthy feeling inside and out.

- 120/80 – the UK’s first blood pressure lowering spring water with dairy peptides which are proven to help control elevated blood pressure when consumed daily for a period of 2 - 4 weeks as part of a healthy diet combined with regular exercise and a reduced salt intake.

- Little Squirts Prebiotic – naturally flavoured with strawberry and vanilla and protects delicate tummies by delivering a prebiotic benefit.

- Little Squirts Calcium Bonus – perfect for strong and healthy bones. The blackcurrant and liquorice flavoured spring water includes a formulation scientifically and clinically proven to optimise calcium absorption by up to 20%.

- Little Squirts Fibre-Activ – contains rich source of dietary fibre, essential for helping feed the micro flora in the gut.

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