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22 October 2007 – A new company launches today in Europe that heralds the end of paid-for mobile phone calls. Yeigo is a new mobile phone network that uses the Internet to connect users, bypassing operator call charges. All Yeigo users need is an Internet connection on their phone - 3G or WiFi - to start making free calls. The Yeigo application is free to download from with no contract to sign.

Yeigo has already been christened the ‘Skype of mobile phones’ by mobile bloggers testing the service in its country of origin, South Africa, and is likely to pose a significant challenge to traditional mobile network operators. The Yeigo application uses a mobile phone’s Internet connection to hook up to the Yeigo network and make calls to other Yeigo users free of charge (other than the costs of being connected to the Internet) – no matter what time you call or for how long you speak. Exactly the same applies to chatting via IM.

Users who download the Symbian or Windows Mobile version of Yeigo to their mobile phones enjoy free calls and IM not just between UK-based mobiles, but between mobiles based anywhere in the world. And calls made from your mobile to landlines are significantly cheaper than what you would be charged by your operator. In addition, you can send SMSs from Yeigo to any destination in the world for substantially less than you would be charged by your operator.

Yeigo has also introduced a Java version, Yeigo Lite – which allows users without a compatible phone for the Symbian or Windows Mobile versions – to use Yeigo’s innovative ConnectUs, IM and SMS services.

Yeigo users keep their existing mobile number and just dial to make calls in the usual way. The only difference is that conversations and messages travel across the Internet using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, instead of the traditional voice networks. Which sounds flash, but isn’t really. Millions of local, national and international calls from landlines are made for free everyday using VoIP. The principle of Yeigo is the same, but from mobile phones.

There is no hardware required and your phone won’t need to be upgraded, but you do need a compatible phone. The sound quality of Yeigo calls is excellent and all calls are totally secure, ensuring no-one can eavesdrop on your conversation.

Yeigo is also easy to send to your friends and family, or anyone else in your phone’s contact book. They will receive a version of the application that automatically works with their compatible handset. And once they’re all on board, you can all talk or IM for free.

“Yeigo will fundamentally change the way mobile telephony is delivered to and used by consumers,” says Yeigo chairman, Ivan Ferrer. “No other mobile company using the Internet to deliver free services has the same call quality or functionality. And Yeigo can be used across most handsets that connect to the Internet. We’re not just offering Internet voice calls, but also IM and SMS, with a range of other features on their way. “

Lungisa Matshoba, co-founder of Yeigo, says: “Consumers have been paying too much for mobile phone calls for far too long. Yeigo signals an exciting new era in the history of the mobile phone – it allows users to chat endlessly with friends and family, either locally or around the world, either at absolutely no cost when you are in a free WiFi hotspot, or by just paying data costs if connected via 3G.”

What do I need to get started with Yeigo?
Very little. All you need to get Yeigo is:

1. A SIM card from your local service provider if you wish to connect to the Internet via 3G. To make Yeigo calls through WiFi, no SIM is required.

2. Sufficient credit balance or a pay-monthly contract with your local service provider to access the internet from your mobile via 3G

3. A Yeigo compatible mobile handset

4. The Yeigo application to be installed on your mobile handset.

How do I actually set up Yeigo on my mobile?

All you need to do is register an account on, receive an SMS from Yeigo, and then download the application right onto your phone.

Installation guides

Installation guides and a knowledge base are available on the website

Contacting Yeigo

To speak to Yeigo, contact Kate Hartley or Malini Majithia on +44207 386 4860 / +44 771 406 5233, or email Or visit

About Yeigo

Yeigo was formed by three friends in 2005. The company is based in Cape Town, South Africa – the centre of what is fast becoming the Silicon Cape – and has 15 employees.

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