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CELEBRATE DEAL OR NO DEAL'S 2ND ANNIVERSARY - with a DOND game which all the family will enjoy!

Saturday 3rd November… For the first time ever, each and every one of the 22 Deal or No Deal gold boxes will each conceal DOUBLE the usual amount. How will the Banker handle knowing he’s risking twice as much cash as ever before? Dolled up in posh frocks and tuxedos, the contestants will decide who will sit in the crazy chair for this once in a lifetime opportunity, casting their votes on air to determine who gets the best chance ever to win life-changing money. Will someone be brave enough to become the first Deal or No Deal first ‘Half a Millionaire’…or will The Banker get the better of them?

As we prepare to celebrate Deal or No Deal’s

2nd Anniversary, remember… you can choose from four different Deal or No Deal games to play
this Christmas!

You can bank on the latest nail-biting versions of Noel Edmond’s cult TV game show sensation becoming a sure-fire winner with you, your family and friends this festive season! Do you have the nerve to hold out against the Banker’s offer… and be the top scorer in your house?


For those who can’t wait for their Deal or No Deal fix, who want to experience the excitement hidden inside those 22 red boxes for themselves at home, here’s Drumond Park’s excellent Deal or No Deal electronic table top game (rrp £24.99). It’s cleverly designed to capture all the fun, excitement and tension of the TV show. You and up to three other players play simultaneously, with each of you keeping your wheeling and dealing with The Banker completely between yourself and the machine. No one will know how you are bidding… and whether (and when!) you’ve accepted the Deal (or not!). Smart-looking, suitably colourful and hi-tech, it would make the perfect present not just for Deal or No Deal demons, but for aficionados of computer and mobile phone games, gadgets and gismos - indeed, all things electronic! The gameplay is amazingly simple – but amazingly clever!


Can’t wait for your Deal or No Deal fix? There’ll be plenty of drama and entertainment when you, your friends and family play Drumond Park’s brilliant Deal or No Deal board game (rrp £19.99 – up to 6 players). Cleverly designed to capture the fun, excitement and heart-pounding tension of the TV show, it comes complete with all the authentic props fans will be familiar with: the 22 red boxes, the scoreboard displaying the prize money (remember, stay away from those red numbers!) – and of course, that all-important electronic Deal or No Deal telephone, with bids from The Banker.

Last year, Drumond Park’s Deal or No Deal board game blasted its way to the top of all the Christmas charts. It was the Best Selling TOY for December (source – NPD). It was selected as one of the Dream Toys ‘Cool Dozen’ children’s presents for Christmas 2006, and also listed in the Toy Wishes ‘Hot Dozen’. And it was voted Game of the Year by British Toy Association members at the 2007 Toy Fair.


For those occasions when you want to get your red box fix and there’s no TV around, there’s Drumond Park’s great new Deal or No Deal Hand-Held Game (rrp £14.99). Palm-sized (indeed, compact enough to fit in your bag, pocket, hand luggage or glove compartment), this electronic version of the game gives you all the thrills of the Deal or No Deal gameplay… ‘up close and personal’. If you reject all The Banker’s offers, you’ll be left with just your box and one other and - just like the TV game – you can do a last minute swap or stick with what you’ve got!


In Drumond Park’s Deal or No Deal Card Game (for 2 to six players, rrp £4.99) one person plays The Banker, one becomes the ‘Contestant’ - and for each game, the remaining players assist in revealing the cash values, from 1p to £250,000. As more games continue, and with tension running high, both the Player and the Banker – and all the other players - have the opportunity to score and take turns in both roles. Instead of yelling at the television, now you can get stuck in - just about everywhere! Fabulous fun for all the family, from youngsters to grandparents, everyone is bound to get wrapped up in this enthralling game of risk and chance.

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The total amount of money paid out to contestants by the Banker so far is just over £10 million.

19 people have brought the £250,000 to the table but only one has won it – LAURA PEARCE, who had box number 6 (7th January 2007).

Laura turned down £45,000 to win the top prize and said subsequently that a £50,000 offer would have made her quit. So just £5,000 cost the Banker a quarter of a million!

The highest "No Deal" was made by KIRSTY HARDLE who said "No deal" to an offer of £125,000. She went on to win £75k.

The largest loss after a "No Deal" was for MORRIS SIMPSON who said "No deal” to £101,000 and went on to win £20k, losing £81,000.

The best deal was made by JENNIFER MILLER who dealt at £120,000 and only had £750 in her box.

The 2 largest victories for The Banker were during the games of INGERLISE STEPHANSEN - she dealt at just £15k and had £250,000 in her box. Also DEBBIE WOODCOCK who similarly dealt at £15,000 and had the £250,000 in her box.

The lowest deal ever taken was by IGOR KARPOV who was left with the horror scenario of the 1p and 10p as his last two boxes. He was offered 2p by the Banker and he took it.

The Banker has two British Bulldogs called Scrooge and Marley.

Pennyworth, the Banker’s butler, is Scottish.

The Deal or No Deal mugs are so coveted by fans that they have to be locked up in between shows.

The “unluckiest” box in the game, the box that has brought the least amount of money to the table, is box 13.

The Banker’s birthday is 12th May.

No-one has ever dealt at the first or second offer and only 25 players have ever dealt at the third offer.

The luckiest place to stand is on the East wing, fourth down from the gameboard. Five players from this position have won over £50,000 – including Laura the jackpot winner.

Player Lucy Harrington had the longest wait before being selected. She wasn’t picked until her 50th show.

The lowest deal ever made with the £250,000 still in play was made by Beryl Urquhart who dealt at just £3,100 despite still having the big one.

There have been 512 contestants over the first two seasons.

There are 11 members of the 1p club.

Deal or No Deal is an Endemol format and is produced by Cheetah Television (part of Endemol UK) for Channel 4.

© 2003-2007 Endemol International BV / Endemol UK plc, DEAL OR NO DEAL is a registered trademark of Endemol International BV - used by permission - all rights reserved

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