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In a week where Britain’s sporting heroes could only achieve 2nd Place it was thrilling to see a new British invention take a Gold Medal.

Gaynor Morgan, inventor of Incostress, picked up the Gold for Innovation in the Medical category at the British Innovation and Technology Awards announced 19 October.

The UK launch of Incostress, supported by clinical trials, has come at the perfect time for the millions of women who suffer embarrassing leaks of stress incontinence when they sneeze, laugh, cough and exercise. The problem affects a third of all new mums and half of all women at some stage.

This highly innovative but simple non-surgical solution offers immediate relief by providing support to the bladder and applying a gentle supportive pressure on the urethra.

Gaynor Morgan, director of C&G Medicare Ltd, speaking from The British Invention Show, Alexandra Palace, London said: “We know that the need is absolutely enormous and clinical studies and user feedback confirm that Incostress begins to work immediately, bringing instant relief to sufferers of this awful condition.”

“Incontinence is still regarded as a taboo subject and most women are too ashamed to admit their problem. But the irony is that one in ten working women experience leaks and you are never more than a few feet away from a sufferer.”

“The persistent embarrassment can, and does, lead to serious depression and many other health issues. We need to remove this stigma and get women talking about this major aspect of their health. Maybe a simple, non-surgical solution, in the form of Incostress, can restore personal confidence and provide a way to bring incontinence into the open for the benefit of all women.”

The development of Incostress, with massive support from the Wales Innovation Network, follows clinical trials at Singleton hospital Swansea South Wales and focus groups around Europe. The clinical trials reported amazing results with patients with serious incontinence problems taken off surgery lists.

As with many mums, the realisation that childbirth can have a rather unpleasant side-effect comes when mum begins to rough and tumble with her toddlers.
Ingrid could not contain her delight when she began to use Incostress. She wrote:

“I even tried jumping on the kid’s trampoline with a full bladder! Guess what?

I am so pleased with IncoStress I will continue to use it. For me it has changed the way I can carry on with my day as normal. I am not afraid any more to interact with the kids like a kid – jumping on the trampoline and joining in their games. It has made the world of difference to me and my family.”

Incostress® costs just £24.99 + p&p.

For more information visit or call 0870 7019601

Note to Editors:

How Incostress works

Stress incontinence affects some 4 million women in the UK and typically follows childbirth or menopause. However, for women who do not exercise their pelvic floor regularly and effectively it can bring lifelong misery, embarrassment and depression.

Incostress is a radical development in the treatment of incontinence and was invented by Gaynor Morgan and her mother, Carole. They were desperate to find a solution to the problem that had led to Carole’s serious depression brought on by the condition. Carole observed that embarrassing leaks were less likely to occur if she sneezed, coughed, laughed or exercised when she was wearing a tampon.

They also discovered that some surgical procedures physically applied a support or pressure to the urethra to help with bladder control. Under normal circumstances this support is provided by the pelvic floor muscles but most women fail to exercise regularly and effectively with the result that at any one time one in seven women are suffering incontinence (Source: Continence Foundation,2007).

Incostress is made from medical grade silicon and is worn like a tampon. When it is held in the vagina it applies pressure on the urethra through the vaginal wall and physically helps prevent the unwanted release of urine.

Incostress is particularly effective if used in conjunction with an active resistance-based pelvic floor exercise routine because it provides immediate and constant support, and helps exercise the pelvic floor, until such time as the pelvic floor muscles can be developed to provide the necessary support and control.

The story of Incostress is one of a determined woman inventor striving to bring a new product to market against all the odds. You can read Gaynor’s story on www.incostress .com and read her blog at

Gaynor is available for interview and there are a number of excellent case studies willing to share their experiences of using Incostress.

For more information and further details please call 0870 0434884 or email

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