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1 November 2007, London, United Kingdom - ODS Business Services based in London, Swindon, Oxford and Glasgow, is part of ODS Group, the largest European manufacturer of CDs and DVDs. ODS specialises in producing giveaway ‘covermount’ discs on magazines and newspapers and recently launched the flexible, patented EcoDisc. It is uniquely manufactured, 100% recyclable, and offers the same sound and picture quality of a standard DVD. With sales of 4.9 million units in Europe, EcoDisc has been widely accepted, whilst in the UK a sudden surge in demand in the last six weeks saw sales soar to millions of units.

After two and a half years in R & D and covered by several worldwide patents, the EcoDisc is half the thickness and weight of a conventional DVD, uses half the raw materials, and reduces transport and postage costs. With 56% lower C02 emissions during manufacturing than a standard DVD, ODS has produced a product that is truly innovative, commercially viable and kinder to the environment. See

The market for CD and DVD giveaways into magazines and newspapers is one of the largest European optical discs industry. In 2005, an estimated 1.16 billion discs using 18,000 tons of polycarbonate, were distributed as giveaways across Western Europe.

Standard DVDs cannot be recycled due to a non-biodegradable resin that bonds the layers during production. In contrast, the ODS EcoDisc is 100% recyclable. As the EcoDisc can be produced with only half the amount of plastic and also less rare metals, ODS is contributing to the protection of the environment. The benefits of switching to EcoDisc don’t end there. At half the thickness of a DVD, twice as many EcoDiscs fit into a 40 ton lorry in comparison to standard DVDs. This reduces the fleet’s diesel consumption – another environmental win for ODS Business Services and their clients.

Who Uses EcoDisc?

The first mainstream film to be distributed on EcoDisc by an independent Nordic film-maker was ‘An Unfinished Life’ starring Robert Redford. According to ODS’ Managing Director, Ray Wheeler ‘The real turning point is that buyers have overcome their concerns about adopting new product technology. Extensive research proves quality matches the standard DVD and increasing volumes rolling off the production lines in Germany have reassured UK buyers.’

Clients such as the ‘Transforming Lives’ charity are now re-ordering the EcoDisc for their promotions and some UK magazines are starting to replace conventional DVD orders with the EcoDisc. Ray Wheeler adds “The Mail on Sunday renowned for their innovation have just trialled the EcoDisc for their recent giveaway. Approximately 2.5 million EcoDiscs were successfully used. We anticipate the MOS along with other national newspapers will switch all their promotions to EcoDisc, as part of their own campaigns to use fewer natural resources.’

Ray adds, ‘We think people in Publishing, Marketing and Direct Mail will be quick to recognise the potential of this new lightweight disc. Organisations can get their message across effectively, reduce costs’ and be more environmentally responsible.’ EcoDisc is available as DVD-Rom and DVD-Video. For a free promotional EcoDisc contact Commercial Director Franky Marulanda on +44 (0) 1793 428742 or

There is even speculation that the new flexible EcoDisc could change the face of DVD manufacturing forever. If demand continues to outstrip sales forecasts, we could be witnessing the birth of a manufacturing shift as dramatic as the switch from vinyl records to CDs in the late 1980’s.


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EcoDisc at a Glance

• 100% Recyclable
• 100% Flexible
• 98% playability - same as DVD5
• 54% less Carbon Footprint (for manufacturing, raw material, glues)
• 50% lower Carbon Footprint/Energy balance in transport
• 50% less raw materials
• 50% lighter (only 8 grams)
• No Non-Biodegradable polymer
• 200 years life span
• 4.7Gb capacity (5.4Gb under development)
• DVD-Video & DVD-Rom formats available

ODS Europe at a Glance:

ODS is the leading European manufacturer of pre-recorded discs in the covermount business for newspapers and magazines. They have contracts with over 80% of UK publishers. ODS started in Dassow, Germany in 1997 with just forty employees and a turnover of €10 m. Today, ODS employs over 3,500 people in over 16 countries including Germany, BeNeLux, France, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, Greece, Poland, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.

The annual production capacity is 1,05 billion discs (648 million CDs, 502 million DVDs). Sales have risen from €125m in 2004, € 175m in 2005, € 210m in 2006 and estimated € 330m in 2007.

ODS Business Services UK was established in 2003 in London with 4 staff. ODS Business Services UK now employs over 300 full-time staff.


May 2007 - ODS launches EcoDiscs during the Cannes Film Festival.

January 2007 - ODS secures a 4.5 year European Full Service Distribution contract with Universal Pictures International.

December 2006 - UK operation invests £4m in new machinery and moves into famous Swindon landmark, the Renault ‘Spectrum’ Building, a 380,000 sq ft facility designed originally by award-winning Sir Norman Foster.

2006 - ODS becomes a Services led company and offers 12 Services, one of which is optical disc manufacturing and packaging.

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