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Since July it has been illegal to smoke in enclosed spaces in public and at work. This has meant businesses should have introduced a smoke free policy to ensure they were meeting their legal obligations, and providing a healthier environment for their employees.

Failure to implement an effective smoke free policy can lead to a potential fine of £2500 for businesses and £200 for employees, so it needs to be taken seriously. The following steps provided by Action Storage Systems can help businesses ensure they’re observing the smoking ban and protecting their employees from second hand smoke:

1. No indoor spaces or rooms can be used for smoking. This means reassigning existing smoking rooms and clearing them of second hand smoke.

2. ‘No-smoking’ signs need to be placed in prominent positions throughout the building.

3. Employees should be notified of the smoke free policy and made aware of their and the business’ legal obligations to observe the ban.

4. There have been problems of employees smoking in inappropriate areas, such as on the edge of a business’ premises and on private property. To avoid this, businesses should designate an outdoor area for smoking so they can control where employees congregate.

5. Smoking shelters should be provided to protect employees from the wind and rain, with durable plastic roofs and transparent walls. The shelter must not be ‘enclosed’ or ‘substantially enclosed’, therefore, more than 50% of the surrounding walls must be open to allow air to circulate. This means structures such as tents, marquees and many conventional shelters would be deemed illegal because they don’t provide adequate ventilation. Planning permission is often required.

6. Shelters should be equipped with metal bins specifically designed for cigarette butts. This will avoid rubbish accumulating and a potential fire risk if the bin is made from plastic.

7. A smartly designed smoking shelter can improve the appearance of a business’ premises, but this can be spoilt if it has been vandalized. To prevent this, a smoking shelter’s panels should be made from robust plastic or steel that can be cleaned to remove graffiti or cigarette burns. The material should also be highly durable and windproof.

8. Around 70% of smokers say they want to quit so advice and support should be provided, with guidance freely available from the NHS.

To assist businesses in implementing an effective smoke free policy, Action Storage Systems supply a range of wall mounted and standalone shelters made from high spec materials and robust designs. All of Action Storage’s shelters fulfil the legal requirement of being 50% open, and will avoid the costly risk of an illegal structure.

Built from tough polycarbonate,perspex or sheet steel, the shelters are windproof and resistant to vandalism. Additional features such as stainless steel bins and light units are also available for creating a safe, clean and controlled smoking area.

Details of Action Storage Systems’ full range of smoking shelters, domed canopies, cycle compounds and other business facilities equipment can be found on their website and in their new catalogue, which is available to order free when you visit them online or call their freephone helpline.

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