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We all know how exhausting and stressful Christmas can be. Do you get enough sleep at Christmas time? Or are you the type to get totally stressed out by everything festive? Smiley, the world’s first anti-depressant perfume has set out to discover which regions in the UK are most affected by the stresses and strains of yuletide.

Mark Earnshaw, a Smiley spokesperson: “We asked 1,000 women and men in several regions in the UK if they’d purchased more remedies catering for stress and insomnia in the run up to Christmas. We were astonished by the findings! Surprisingly, London was revealed as one of the least stressful regions in the UK.

“Additionally, Devon which is more often than not, associated with the calm and tranquillity of the sea and countryside, was revealed to be the third most stressed region in the UK! There is one clear leader though. Those living in West Scotland are clearly having a bad year – with a spritz of Smiley let’s hope the rest of the year brings them lots more festive cheer!”

Top 5 regions: Most Stressed
(1 being the UK’s most stressed)

1. West Scotland
2. South Wales
3. Devon
4. Merseyside
5. Nottinghamshire

Top 5 regions: Least Stressed
(1 being the UK’s least stressed)

1. South London
2. Thames Valley
3. West Surrey
4. Essex
5. Solent and the Isle of Wight

Top 5 regions: Insomaniacs
(1 – UK’s region most in need of sleep aids)

1. West Scotland
2. Northern Ireland
3. Merseyside
4. Devon
5. Bristol

Top 5 regions: Sleepy heads
(1 – UK’s regions least in need of sleep aids)

1. Essex
2. Birmingham
3. Thames Valley
4. North Kent
5. South London

Mark Earnshaw, Smiley spokesperson advises: “Those at the top of our stress league table, may want to take time out to recharge their batteries with the following tips and advice, guaranteed to get them through the seasonal stresses and strains:

1. Plan the festive season well in advance – particularly the cooking.

2. Try not to leave everything (especially your Christmas cards!) to the last moment. Christmas should be fun – not a trial.

3. Make a list of gifts you want to buy, and get the satisfaction of ticking them off as you go. Be sensible with your presents and don’t get carried away.

4. Wrap the presents as you buy them, rather than leaving them all until Christmas Eve.

5. If you hate all the bustle and queuing, try shopping out of hours when the shops are open late or even 24 hours. Focus on the pleasure your gifts will bring, rather than the hassle of buying them.

6. Make some time for yourself over Christmas. Read a book you’ve been meaning to read, or phone a friend you haven’t spoken to for a long time.

7. Buy a relaxation tape, switch off from the festive atmosphere and think about your body and your mind.

8. At least once a day, think about all the good things in your life, instead of the “not so good” things. Hold that thought for the day and you may even catch yourself smiling!

9. If you’re feeling lonely, make a phone call to a friend or even someone you don’t know (such as the Samaritans who are on call 24 hours a day).

10. Don’t worry that everyone else is having a better Christmas than you are. The chances are they’re not!

11. Spritz some Smiley on a daily basis, it’ll get you grinning from now until the New Year.

“Those at the top of our insomniacs league table, may want to incorporate some of the following into their bed-time routine to aid a peaceful nights sleep:

1. Avoid caffeine from lunchtime onwards and try to make sure your evening meal isn’t too heavy.
2. Have a warm bath and add your favourite bath oil.
3. Try and have a milky drink before bed or a relaxing herbal tea (try a warming cup of Ovaltine/Hot Chocolate)
4. Try a herbal supplement such as Valerian Root Extract, 50ml, £8.95 – available from
5. Rid your room of distractions such as TV, radio and telephones and ensure that your bedroom is used only for sex and sleep!


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Notes to editors:

• Smiley is the World’s first antidepressant perfume! Available from Boots and Selfridges, Smiley have created a psycho-stimulant cocktail from nature. Containing theobromine to reduce stress and phenethylamine to set off a feeling of joy and euphoria, frowns will become a thing of the past! Essential oils including orange, bergamot, praline and myrrh captivate the senses and enhance that feel good factor.

• Designed by ora-ïto, the most sought after designer of his generation, the scented therapy range looks like a collection of objects that have escaped from the health centre of a space ship. The unisex range includes fragrance, bath and body products, starting at a very modest £25.00 for the 30ml EDT spray and a Smiley ‘first aid kit’ containing a range of products for £45.00

• Smiley is on sale now in Boots stores nationwide and your local Selfridges’ store.

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